Clearance advice

Hi guys,

Just planning layout of my single drive build. I’ve got a Comet Loki which is a drop through board. Gone for 90mm wheels to raise it up a little but just checking ideas for clearance. I’ll be making my own mount so can be flexible with placement. Initially thinking out the back but how close to the centre of the truck and the ground is OK?

top mounting on a drop through looks terrible. This options out.

This looks doable. Will have to order different belts as only have 255 at the moment.


I think you still need a riser. When you have motor mount, the motor position stay while the deck is tilting around. So you have to keep those clearance in mind. 1cm spacer is pretty good.

My DIY Motormount has a Center to Center from 79mm to 87mm.


Thanks for your support dan

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I love the look of your build. Realising now that I have much more of a bottle nose out the back to clear.

I don’t think a riser is going to help, that will lower the board with a drop through not raise it.

I cut off the end of the board for the clearance !

I did start to wonder about that. Do you get any flex between the truck mount now?

Cutting off the end does not change anything as far as strength goes. The back truck bolts structurally stiffen back end .

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Good to know. Looks like getting the jigsaw out might be a plan.

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It’s been a while since you built this and it’s still one of the best builds right behind whitepony’s.

I would like mount my motors like this, but all mounts are too short… And i don’t have equipment to do myself.

Thank you Tuomalar,… new builds coming soon.

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Jigsaw came out and clearance sorted - board doesn’t feel any different either. I actually quiet like the look with the blunt tail. Thanks all!



Haha it did happen honest!

I’ll update the build tonight.