Clearance on 15T/36T 15mm Wide Pulley Kits!

Hi Guys,

Trying to clean out some of my stock as I’m moving away from the Esk8 game due to time commitments. Looking to sell kits in multiples. You can still get a single kit, but there won’t be any discount. Refer to my other thread for any questions on the kits. I’ve sold many of these kits on here over the past 1.5 years with many happy customers.


Prices (in USD) are as follows for shipping to US and Canada. Shipping will be more for international orders so PM me for more info.

2 Kits = $35 per Kit = $70 ($10 Savings) 4 Kits = $32.5 per Kit = $130 ($30 Savings) 8 kits = $30 per kit = $240 ($80 Savings) More than 10 Kits = $25 per kit = $250+ ($150+ Savings)

Message me for more info!

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Anyone interested in sharing? Someone in the US preferably. I’m interested in maybe 5-6 units

Ill get 6 pm me

Any chance you have 16/40 pulley kits?

No, only 15/36T

Still got kits. Help me clear these out!

Are the 15/36 pulleys for kegel style wheels? I have the new boas and need kegel pulleys for them I was told.

These are for flywheels style wheels, so unfortunately won’t work for you.

Damn, lol ok well thanks anyways :smile:

bump. Still got kits.

Help me clear these kits out! MAKE ME SOME OFFERS!

Is anyone willing to share a kit with me?

I assume those are for Abec hubs, so no Kegel?

Correct for flywheel and flywheel clones

Accepting offers for order of 3 or more kits!

Setz still available?

Yes, still have some! PM sent

@johnny_261 please reply my mail. I paid 40 days ago. Nothing here yet.

40 days? Another willpark16… I ain’t buying this.

I bought 2 kits to Iceland and they arrived perfectly.