Clearance on 15T/36T 15mm Wide Pulley Kits!

Are the 15/36 pulleys for kegel style wheels? I have the new boas and need kegel pulleys for them I was told.

These are for flywheels style wheels, so unfortunately won’t work for you.

Damn, lol ok well thanks anyways :smile:

bump. Still got kits.

Help me clear these kits out! MAKE ME SOME OFFERS!

Is anyone willing to share a kit with me?

I assume those are for Abec hubs, so no Kegel?

Correct for flywheel and flywheel clones

Accepting offers for order of 3 or more kits!

Setz still available?

Yes, still have some! PM sent

@johnny_261 please reply my mail. I paid 40 days ago. Nothing here yet.

40 days? Another willpark16… I ain’t buying this.

I bought 2 kits to Iceland and they arrived perfectly.

I bought twice from him. The kits arrived in 10days. This time It’s different. It’s been 43 days since i paid for 2 kits. Nothing here. No reply either.

PM sent. Just on vacay guys nothing to worry about here. I’ll get you sorted man. Haven’t had a single unsatisfied customer on here.

Got my pulley kits thank you @johnny_261 :+1:

I’ve received mine. Thanks @johnny_261 :smiley:

Where did you source the unmodified pulleys from? Ebay? It doesn’t seem to be complicated to use the same raw material and modify it to use on Kegel style wheels. Cheers

I had these custom made from a manufacturer in China. It would be easy enough to do Kegels, but you would need to order a large quantity.