Clearance sale! Various voltage gauges & battery PCBs

So, I received last batch of these components since I am moving and need them gone. They are brand new and tested. Worldwide shipping Here is what I have: 18650 Battery PCBs for 1S-13S & 3P-4P(possible 5P, PCB is 4cells wide) 6 pcs 12€, 8 pcs 16€, 10 pcs 20€, 12 pcs 24€ 75 left 10 LED battery indicator for 6S 3€ 10 left 10 LED battery indicator for 8S 3€ 10 left 10 LED battery indicator for 10S 3€ 8 left 10 LED battery indicator for 12S 3€ 8left Battery % gauge 3S-14S 3€ 8 left

Pictures are below in order, if you want to buy anything PM me or if you have a question feel free to ask below or also PM

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Hi Martin, I’m interested in a 12s4p, what guage wire (or what) are you using for pcb to pack connections? no bussbar for each pcb to pcb connection? I guess this is a parallel pack so no matter on currenct handling but incidentally is there anythig heavy dty about the boards? they look impressive. I also noticed the kugelis ones ‘Fatboy’ I must have a look at this method.

I’m after giving up on a monster battery pack, so I’ll eventually divide it into two 12s4p packs.


Hi, I use usually doubled (stacked 2 on top of each other) 10mm nickel strips that I weld to the batteries and then solder to the PCB. It is a good idea to add a bit of solder (like on the picture I added) even if you are not planning to drain high current from each pack, just to play it safe. And then I connect the PCBs together using either one fat wire like 10awg or for lower profile I use 3 15awg (in the spaces between the battery tabs)

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Seems quick and neat :ok_hand:Lemme have a 12s5p please oh and a 12s led stack while I’m at it thanks

That’s right 5p gonna reduce down to a 60 cell count, would be nice to be able to rearrange the parallel packs to go from a typical spot boxy welded pack to a single layer in a decrete enclosure, it looks like this solution will help

Oh, I just noticed I made a mistake there. The PCBs are wide for 4P but 5P is doable. sorry I will correct it.

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any left ?


I do have the LED gauges but the rest is unfortunately gone. Not sure about restock, I was not satisfied with the product perforamnce for its price so I need to find a better supplier. I unfortunately can not promise any schedule, sorry.

Regards, Martin.