[closed] $50 - Surf Rodz RKP Press fit mount. 200mm 😎

Guys I am running a small group buy for some CNC press fit mounts for SR RKP 200mm hanger trucks.

The plan is just for 10 sets. Maybe a little more if there is interest but I don’t want it become too much work. Its 2pc per set, left and right. I just want to get them done for myself and reduce the financial risk to me. Also I don’t need 10 sets but the price is way better than 1 set.

The design is already confirmed to work. It fits like a glove. Tested with SLA 3D printed mounts.

The design had two main goals, easy to machine and fit with 70mm axles. To fit 70mm axles you need to run a pulley that slight goes over the end of the mount. Fatboy pulleys fit, and @dickyho with a bit of filling. Other pulleys should fit but you would need 80mm axles I think to space them out.

Price for one set is $50 usd delivered by registered mail from Hong Kong. We have really good price on international postage here. Postage should be on average about $10 usd.

  • Material is 6061 Aluminium, raw finish.
  • Distance between motor plates is 168mm So XX80mm long motors fit.

Sign up sheet here. We are already very close to my 5 set minimum so this should be a go.

More Photos of the development can be found in my build thread.

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If you have access to a really good 3D printer your can potentially print your own for cheap from my files on thingiverse. Though the CNC will be stronger and help heat sinking.






We reached the minimum of 5 sets, so you can send the money to my paypal now and I can get this going. I will get a final number on Friday and then get the CNC shop to start production. lukeritchiedesigns at gmail for paypal, leave a note in paypal with your username and quantity just to be sure I can track it.

added myself to the list.

@Quiles Yes possible but it would increase the cost for everyone and take an extra week or so to process. My goal with these was minimal cost. Plus you really don’t see much of the mount once its installed. See red circles below.


I will check the cost out of interest though.


No worries, was just checking…if it will take longer, i prefer raw.

Just sent the payment slight_smile :

i need these for tb218s

That won’t work, tb218 trucks are not precision trucks, so you won’t be able to make a press fit mount unless you measure the truck and cut your own mount or lathe down the truck and make a mount for the new profile

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It could kinda work, the left / right sides are fairly accurate but the top / bottom can be plus minus 1.5mm. Might need a little filing for installation.

Don’t the fatboy gear drives press onto TB218?


pretty sure they do, but this idea would be super good

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Guys, I’m interested if you are going to use marc88 motor plates or make your own?

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making my own… here’s to hoping the aluminum stock I have is long enough to clear the kingpin to make one piece mounts and I won’t have to resort to two piece mounts

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I thought it was a complete mount

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Its just the mount. Sorry if it was confusing. I had started a design for a motor plate but decided it was not ready yet.

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i have marc mount and i might be using it

is it possible to just buy the marc mount plate? Im looking for a complete mount


yeap, he sells separately

I also asked him a while back and he was willing to sell just the plate.

cool , is it too late to jump in?

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