CLOSED -US/GL/CA Anodized Aluminum 63mm Motor Mount + Clamp Caliber 2

Hi Community Late night post, I have been building lot of eskate for myself and friends, yet i still have a lot of problem with motor mounts, some are good but can not mount to rear end, or nuts get loose when riding - I believe everybody had this problem like I did. So I decided to CNC small motor mount with standard clamp ( raw cut pictures below), I made the screw hole differently, total of 6 on the clamp and can be mount securely with 3, allowing room for adjustment, it can also mount rear end as well. Mount are designed for 63mm motor. I already made myself a couples and can also make a couple more for those in need of Caliber 2 63mm mount. I live in Fountain Valley, CA and can deliver or pick up locally for 45$ each, shipping statewide for another 5$.

Specs: Motor size : 63mm slide-able Clamp : Caliber 2 Including : 6 Clamp screw + 6 Nylock nuts + 6 Spring Washers. ( this combination is very secure), six angle screw Color : Anodized in Black/Green/Blue (TBA) Material : Aircraft Aluminum Mount Style : Rear or Front.

item are ready as soon as need week.

I want to know if anyone interested :slight_smile: and willing to meet more people locally.

RAW CUT w/o Anodized.

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks a lot


I’ll take 2 in naked aluminum or anodized black :slight_smile:

PM me for details


Mike - pm sent

Have you road tested these? pretty interested in a kit.

boardman - I did many road test and pavement / sidewalk test with it, it stay pretty solid

hi dotruong , very rare to see VIet’s Bolsa in this forum… I;m an eboard emthusiest in GG…!! get intouch with me . I’m interested to build a Trampa board… seemed VERY little viet’s bolsa in this hobby plus around in this areas…!!! plz replied… I’m just around the corner… hope to hear u soon…!!! ;;))

hi Kookenn, thanks for headup, are you viet too?! you can add my fb at [email protected] , i do have some info to help u with ur build. Cheers !

Nice to meet u Truong. Thanks for the help …hiiihiii my #'s 714 408 8352 TRAMPA projects text me cool we keep in touch on the projects …in regard thanks …Steven… ::))