CLOSING TONIGHT 01/16/19 (Group Buy) for Maytech waterproof (R2-style) Split Trigger Remote with Screen and optional wireless charging

Maytech Rep has indicated to me that the new R2 style split trigger remote will be ready to ship at the end of December. we are still waiting on final product pictures. she said once the first units come off the production line she will update us. The individual price per unit is $200 including shipping…with a charging pad $180 including shipping …without charging pad

If we can get 20 units minimum we can reduce this price

unit #1 R2 STYLE W/CHARGE PAD $160 WATERPROOF up to 2 meters of sea water wireless charging pad/function stable signal connection LED display

unit #2 R2 STYLE NO CHARGE PAD $140 WATERPROOF up to 2 meters of sea water wireless charge function/ NO CHARGE PAD stable signal connection LED display

I’m bringing this up because we can save a little on shipping because they will be ready at the same time the bulk 6880 MTO group buy order.

I have a request for more info on the screen and the system used. pending pictures and information requested I think this has a good chance of making a successful group buy. please let us know your thoughts…57%20PM 38%20PM 29%20PM 41%20PM 01%20PM 40%20PM


So one trigger would be your throttle and one would be your break?

yes, like the evolve R2

$200? I think they’re aiming a little high?


but waterproof with wireless charging.


Im interested what info is displayed and what the finished product will actually look like.

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yes, but its a dual purpose remote…

for electric surfboards and esk8


$200! Ouch.

I’m out


they have been working on this for some time. some are in use now on prototype surfboards

I see what you’re saying but It’ll need a little more waterproofing than to 2m if they want it to be used was a foil remote. I think we could be their guinea pigs and get them a little cheaper. It’s not like they’ve tested a finished product by the look of the shonky photos?

if its a group buy its $160 not $200

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I would hate to think that after a fall the waterproof seal might not even be guaranteed, depending on how hard the remote comes down of course… :man_shrugging:

also If I press both triggers at once… what happens? What would the remote tell the vesc to do :thinking:

Im into it BUT its hard to eat a +$100 remote that no esk8 members have gotten their hands on yet. The hoyt sold because trusted members said it was worth the price. I like the looks and im cool with the 140 price tag. But it’s a hard sell with so many flop remotes out there.


I will have 2 sent with the motor order regardless of the outcome here…

I have trust in MAYTECH, I haven’t seen them mass produce a total BOMB yet


and yes the HOYT is the shit, but regular price is 180, no screen and not water anything

Wise words. Got to be said, these things will shift well if someone with credence can test one.

This looks awesome for an electric surf.



I will have 2 for testing at the end of December. its the soonest any will be available


Can they get a picture of it in someones hand?

probably a very small hand, compared to us