Cloudwheel Rovers 165R on Trampa spring trucks

So I recently got a set of the new Cloudwheel Rovers 165R, which are 165mm. Here’s a pic of them on my Evolve Carbon GT:

Really liking them, so far. A question I have, though; does anyone know of bearings I could get to be able to use them on my Trampa eMTB build which has the spring trucks and a 12mm outside diameter hanger?

Best I can tell, I would need a bearing w 22mm outside diameter and a 12mm inside diameter. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Btw, I’ve already done some searching here on the forum and I could find a definitive answer. So please spare me the “link to the search field” response.


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The 3rd measurement you’ll need is the width of the bearing. Calipers would be better for getting measurements but a ruler will do. I would steer clear of feebay or scamazon sellers unless they’re reputable vendors located in the country you’re living in. You’ll need metal shielded bearings and spacers too unless you already have some you can use.

The two sites I know off the top of my head are Boca Bearings and VXB bearings.

Ok, I’ll give those a look. Thanks!

So I found these:

Which would you recommend? Shielded or Sealed?

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Sealed for skateboards.

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Oops, good call. I’m used to buying bearings for Rc stuff. Force of habit.

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Did you manage to nstall the Rovers on the Trampa trucks? Have you tried putting the Rover tire on the Trampa rim?