Cnc files dxf mbs ats12 trucks

Hi this is my first build. I have access to a cnc router so will be designing and cutting parts for my build. i plan on making pullys, motor mount, and a sealed focbox heatsink enclosure. I will list all my cut files .dxf if anyone is interested in makng there own. but i would also love any files that people may already have that i could use. Thanks Toby


MBS mountain board Core 94

ATS12 trucks

Fivestar mbs hubs

WINNING 2.4Ghz mini remote

Race star 5065 140kv may change will see how they perform

5m 9mm 450mm belt

Focbox esc

Flpsky anti-spark switch (not going to use this now too risky)

6s or 12s not sure on battery setup yet

been prototyping these cogs getting the holes to fit the hubs 56780988_2178864138873371_3825260253646159872_n

dxf files for pully

Got the focbox running smoothly with vesc tool. but may have bricked one of them. uploaded the firmware for the wrong hardware need to see if it can be reversed.

Anyone in Newcastle Australia let me know


this here is a similar project and might help you with some of your thoughts

yes it can. search for st v2 link (or stl V2), but you will need to solder the header on the pcb of your focbox. I think with the newest FW you can upload a slave vesc via CAN, so that might be an option as well and you don´t need a STL V2 link and no header soldering. Disclaimer, I never tried the last one by my own.

i can still connect to it with vesc tool but the firmware for the other hardware is no longer accessible. Tried uploading the firmware version from bldc tool but it terminates before it finishes.

Try to follow this instruction


Flipsky anti spark switches are crap, dont go with one as it wil fail sooner or later

The best switch is one built in the bestech bms or one in the unity vescs If you do not have any of those parts in your build go with the Fatboy switch as it was smarter than the others

thanks. Shit just bought one not cheap

how do they fail do they cut out. not like they will damage anything

I’ve seen a few of the flispky antisparks fail right infront of me. The antispark gets hot and either melts or catches fire. One of the guys was going full speed when his failed and his motors locked up immediately and he ate shit pretty hard. Ontop of that half the stuff inside his case caught fire aswell.

Oh shit so not even worth trying it out. too risky wow

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Stage two motor mount. Manadged to profile the axel acuratly by tracing one of the other mounts found from a pic on the net. 20190413_095531


Continued to design the mount. Yes its acrylic and the mount is a bit thin this is just for prototyping.


Discovered a prob with the clamp on the axel, because the axel tappers ie not same thickness its harder ro set the clamp square.


Iv seen other designs have lots of cros bars spreading between both motors prob to keep them square to the wheels. But i dont like the looks. Looks very cluttered.

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Mine turned in to a 5x3cm resistor… And with 2+kw of power thats a serious problem

Time to cut



Got the belts and batteries today. The tattu batteries are beasts. 20190417_164019


Still need to

design focbox heatsink and waterproof box.

Batt box that is small but durable to protect batteries.

Motor mount -fit belts with a baring for tensioning.


iv started on the heatsink. Using these dimensions as well as measuring the focbox image






So looked up the esk8 calculator and my max speed was going to be 43kmh. Thats just a bit fast. So recalculated for around 30kmh. so redid puleys using (files need work as they have been modified so they are not complete shapes).

Now using 14tooth pully on motor and 90tooth on 200mm wheel


Motor mount






Need to get longer belts now but thia will work right :slight_smile:

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ok got new belts today fitted everything and found issues with the motor and the wheel not being square to each other and so the belt driving off the pulley. Going to try changing the axle clamp to grub screws trying to square them to the flat faces on the trucks.

Ok slight design change still using the truck frofile but instead of clamping it using grub screws. Iv removed the black spacer that goes before the wheel and replaced it with a spacer that i can screw to so now the motor mount is square to the wheel and is clamped on using the wheel and held from rotating using the profile of the truck. Easier to show than tell.







Im verry happy had it running on and old 6s half of my final build. Anticipating thr power.

Next stop box for electronics.

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Focbox time

Iv been riding around on the single motor and pushing it quite hard (gets very hot) but have found that the esc never gets very hot so instated of doing an elaborate heat-sink with fins and such, im just going to go with this for now.



Dont have alot of space but hopefully i can keep it tidy and fit it all in.

Progress on the battery box. Got the box all wired. Waiting for 2 lcd ballance checkers that ill wire in permanently they have built in balancing will test. Might not need to use my ballance charger then.

Now to wire up the focboxs 20190503_181337