CNC service [EU]

You could always buy me one and I help the eu peeps :slight_smile:


I have a access to 8 different VMCs and for sure won’t tell you that setup fee is $80-100. On the other hand if I receive 5 different motor mounts 1pcs each probably I won’t do it :wink: So there are many different factors and the only way to know is to send your design and ask :wink:


@LukePL I’ll pm you when I have a step to review thanks

Sure no problem :slight_smile:

You should consider building one of these bad boys:

I love mine.


I’ve seen a few diy ones, I’m kind taken with this one, I know the pricetag but…

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Yup, been on my mind for some time. Thinking of quitting my other expensive hobby to make it happen. Quadcopters.

crap, 3DHubs just keeps calculating. That price must be humongous.

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One more vote for 3D Hubs being pretty expensive just for one piece. I need a pulley holder for wheel and a backplug lathed out of aluminium. A local service proposed 75 eur for piece and 3D hubs showed 120 eur for each.

Show a pic what you want

I see that a lot complain about pricing on one-off pieces… The problem with this is that if you run a proper service you have a machine for at least $10k, tooling for thousands, coolant, stock, facilities and so on for thousands and even the CAD/CAM software package can be easy $6-7k+. And when you do a job you have to do CAM work (toolpaths for the machine process) that is the same if you make 1 piece or if you make 1000pieces. You also have to tool up the toolchanger with proper tools for the job and first then you can run the piece, send it. With expensive machines, tools, software and so on time is valuable and making a one off piece charging the same pr piece as to the customer you make 100 pieces to is just stupid. If you could make 10 parts for the same price in the time of that one off job setup time + milling and you charged the same I’m sure that service would be soon out of business.

I’ve just stopped taking one-off jobs like this because all it does is to create a bad rep for me being pricey :frowning:

Sorry for the small rant… Prolly not the best advertisement :smiley: I’m located in EU and I run a 3axis vmc as a startup. I’m trying to be reasonable with pricing and I try to help out within my hobbies but please look into if it’s possible to get more ppl to buy the same piece. This way the price pr piece is cut and it’s possible to do the jobs without a loss ^^


Yeah I think the pricing structure is really unique when it comes to cnc machining, that’s why people ask for one offs because they don’t understand the work that goes behind it.

I removed all the fillets and holes that I can do myself. I guess it should basically be all lathe work :roll_eyes: First one is a backplug, second holds pulley, which goes into this deepening. 0123

Too bad, it’s too thinn for me. Would have to make at least 2 new jaws just to clamp it down in my machine at work :confused:

Second model would be easier to mill. Can be tricky to clamp it down on the inner piece since it’s so small and you would need to fit 3 jaws in there. Other option would be to.make a tool to secure it with. But no way no one would do it for less then 100-200€. Sry I can’t help you

Well, sad to hear that, I was kinda hoping it all can be done cheap. For my budget build I did as much as I can myself, so my board’s budget is now around 230 eur. All I miss is a way to mount pulley and it would be and exclusively expensive part if I go cnc.

Why wont you just go with a 3d printed part?

Most likely it will deform under heat

that part should go between wheel and wheelpulley? in that case 3d print should work just fine

If it won’t melt, it may slowly deform. Also it’s about construction: there will be 5 holes with m3 screws. I have doubts, that pla won’t deform or crack near those holes under torque. Though I guess it will work for some time