CNC service [EU]

Looking for someone with a hobby CNC to do some milling for me. I am not looking to produce in volume/just a few parts.

Me too! sorry to jump your thread

Seems like I ain`t alone :joy:

join the club :slight_smile:

What do you need? PM me :wink:

didn’t know they now also list cnc servives. Excellent.

@LukePL I’ll be in contact soon. Finalising a few parts.

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Problem with 3D hubs(and probably others too) is that its so freakin expensive if you just need 1 quantity…


Not really. I got about 10 quotes for two truck hangers from various shops and 3Dhubs was by far the cheapest. Most expensive was $900 and 3Dhubs for 4 hangers $300 including shipping!

Not sure what @LukePL charges but it won’t be cheap either!

All depends what it is.

at the 900 USD range it’s worth to consider building your own CNC :joy:


Hell yeah! Not doing business with them, that’s for sure.

I’m considering buying a Tormach 440 but that won’t help the Eu folks sadly.

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I got a quote from 3dHubs where i just needed one motor mounting plate (not the truck clamp), and the price i got was $160… I dont know what you pay for mounts, but that is gonna be a hella expensive mount… The design was even literally the least complicated too…

Yeah, that’s true. They always charge a setup fee which could be on the order of $80-100. But the good thing is that you can get an instant quote which is pretty close to what the online calculator comes up with. And if you find a cheaper service I’m keen to change!

For less complicated parts you may also consider laser cutting or water jet cutting which should be cheaper than precision CNC milling.

Do you know of any places (like 3dHubs) where you can get things waterjetted?

I´m also able to get CNC Parts made here in Germany

Also located in Germany. Is that a company or an acquaintance you are contact with?

Do you know of any places (like 3dHubs) where you can get things water jetted?

Just browse for Wasserstahl Service, such as these guys offer. Although, looks somehow expensive to me.

Somebody with a small mill (or even hobby mill) would be more suitable?

Cool! Friend of mine is an industrial engineer and runs a small CNC Garage

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