Cnhl 8000mah 22.2v 6s 30c lipo battery

wondering if anyone has used these batteries before in a build?

i used to use them for my drones and they pack quite a punch. works out to about $352 AUD without shipping to get a 12s2p 8Ah pack going. considering it over building a DIY Battery. i already have the spot welder and all necesarry components to build it including charger, BMS and plugs for the DIY battery. however im considering going for these lipos even thoug hi would lose range.

whats peoples thoughts on them?

I use cnhl 1450 6s on my racing quads, they are pretty good. Interesting if these are good as well ?

thinking i might jsut bite the bullet and go for a 12s7p with 30Q’s but im concerned for sag if it will be noticable as its for an AT Build

How many charge cycles is the cnhl good for?

The pros are obvious. Here are some of the cons.

  • lvc different from 18650 – hard to find bms with sensible lvc

  • hard to find premade enclosure. Thick.

  • more sensitive about being stored fully charged

  • more sensitive about handling in general

  • build/qa not as good as 18650 – more likely to self combust

  • price per charge tends to be more than 18650

Have you considered HK graphene? They tend to have more charge cycles than typical lipo.

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I actually pulled the plug and got 30Q cells to build the 12s7p the other night. If it doesn’t perform as expected I could sell it with charger and change to lipos. I just rather a simple plug and charge solution. Don’t want to mess around with lipos anymore had enough of that from my qaud days haha.

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A 12S 7p with 30Q’s is Plenty of Power but will be THICK…going 7P. Its all about your BMS and amount of constant discharge?? Amongst other things…weight, weather conditions and riding style…as well. But unless you go with a Backpack battery or Top Mount Battery or something such as that board (cant think of the name) which has that cutout for your battery made of all wood and thick to conceal your battery underneath the board. Still don’t know about any other way of sticking 84 18650’s below the Board??

went top mount picked up the 30Q cells, but im also looking at picking up a couple 12AH lipos during black fridayu sale to do a hot swap