Coating under griptape

So I have decided to make my own foam grip-tape I have already cut out hexagons and layered them with foam I was about to start putting them on when I thought of coating the board. I want to put them on similar to the evolve boards leaving the middle of the board blank, am I supposed to coat this area or simply leave it as is not sure what to do any help is appreciated

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You could put a car window decal in the middle. Then, use spar varnish etc. to coat and protect. That is what I intend. Kid Goku Dragon Ball Z DBZ Anime Car Wall Window Truck Vinyl Sticker Decal | eBayThis is the decal I will put there. I am going to do it different. I will put the glass grit, around the decal. With a border. So, it will be full clear on the decal, and clear glass grit around. I thought originally, that since I have a 1 inch drop, that I dont need any friction material. Then damage to the deck top, made me sure that having a glass grit top would be almost impervious to any even small marks on the deck.