Colorblind - Jet Spud 29 / Caliber II 50's / ABEC 11 97mm Flywheels / 30Q's

To start, this boars is damned weird to ride, not bad, just vastly different from the 40im deck with AT’s I’ve been riding for the last few months. It’s tons of fun, but I feel a little like I’m drunk with so little real estate to plant my feet on. @treenutter has spoiled me with the Caldera drop deck :grinning:.

I’m using the dual motor controller from eBay ( at least temporarily. I wanna see how it stands up to hard use.

The 2 things, other than deck size, that I’m really digging are the 97mm 75a ABEC 11 Flywheels and the Freebord S2 Bindings.

These are the best thane wheels I’ve ever ridden, frikkin amazing. Throw your flywheel clones away, get these NOW! :grinning:.

The bindings are going to take some getting used to. Getting my front foot in position to kick then slide in the bindings is a little weird but I’ll get it in a couple of days. You wanna be locked in and able to.pop the entire deck? Get some.

I’ll post an actual build sheet and more pics when I get some free time or home.


A couple of additions…

The reason I named it color blind is the silver deck, green wheels, red volt meter, etc.

The eBay controller is actually pretty damned good… surprisingly. The acceleration is as smooth as a VESC but the brakes are a little squirrely. I like being able to see the battery status with the remote. The remote itself, while it looks similar to the nano-remote, doesn’t suffer the same dropout issues and has a little better tactile response.

No clue if it’ll actually last more than a day, but I’ll post if it doesn’t.


There’s no way to do dual diagonal on the ESC right? Where did you get those prototype ABRC 11 Flywheels? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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You could extend the phase wires for one motor I guess.

I got peeps :grinning:. No really I just ordered them from Olin , give @chaka a yell and can prolly hook you up.

@mmaner lol look at the thread title All better :wink:

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Lol, on my phone with my wife driving so y’all are lucky you can read it at all :grinning:

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I have also the Ebay ESC just to look how it performs. Are the 3 LED dots on the remote the battery left in the board or the controller battery?

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still working on that Topsecret prj?

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I think so. I’ll run my battery down today and see for sure.

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Similar thoughts here with my eBay esc- buttery smooth acceleration in beginner mode (literally from a standstill or with slight rollback) and zero dropouts or other issues thus far with the remote. I’m running the dual version with Carvon v2’s and the only problematic area seems to be the brakes. If you slowly apply the brakes until the thumb trigger’s fully down, the force seems to stay constant (i.e. quite light) for 3-5 seconds until it suddenly increases and fully stops the board. It’s not jerky or anything, just a bit unexpected. In my experience, I’d recommend keep the remote on beginner mode; top speed appears to be quite similar, but the acceleration and breaking are vastly improved


:sunglasses: cool build. What voltage, 10s? Have any pictures of inside the enclosure?

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nice move on the bindings ! make sure you got enough stance to feel comfortable. happy riding mate!

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It’s 10s3p with 30Q cells. No pics of the inside, was in a hurry to get it done so I could take it with me to PA :grinning:.

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The bindings are great, still getting used to them. I’ve got them mounted as far it as u can so I hope that’s good enough :grinning:.

Who built your 10-3 pack?

This is one @PXSS built awhile back for me. I love 30q’s.

You were supposed to say you built it and wanted to build me one lol

I have a few 10s3p 30Q packs with built in 60a BMS, eSwitch, and battery indicator. Let me know if your interested. I need to get rid of a few to fund a project…

Not to jack this thread :smile:

@mmaner what belt size you running there sir =)

Lol, I wish :grinning: