Come one come all used and new items for sale REDUCED PRICES

now that i have your attention…

Items for sale include
New Abec 11 97 mm flywheels, sealed SOLD (2) used 6374 rspec 190kv motors working perfectly SOLD SOLD 4 brand new (never ridden) trampa on road wheels super star hubs with bearings SOLD trampa vertigo mountain board hydraulic brake truck with components ( discs, lever, etc) SOLD Brand new enertion motor mount SOLD SOLD Brand new 36:16 black aluminum pulley kit with 12mm belt SOLD 2 brand new (never used) 12s sensored ESCs 3 used unsensored TB esc’s 12s 2 brand new TB esc’s 12s (i got hot glue on them so theyre ugly but new) 2 brand new breaker switches (waterprooF) 150amp some new headlights 12v some 12s to 5v becs used but perfectly fine 6s fvt esc an old ass TB motor 6355 ??kv not sure if it works even to be honest a shit ton of the anti spark switches new and used SOLD An old modded slim lipo pack 22.2v 16amp hour 355wh SOLD

I did a big sale about this time last year and most of this stuff are components that ive moved on to bigger and better things.


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How much for the 97mm flywheels and/or the trampa wheels?

How much for the specs?

$100 for the flywheels $ 85 for trampa wheels w/ bearings

$70 each my friend

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Shipping to EU possible ?

Sure it is just not the lipo battery

Are they sensored or modded in any way? How much for the mount? I might take all three

The r-specs both have a metal pin in the stator to stop the stator from spinning if the epoxy broke. When i bought these, that was a problem so I just did the mod.

They are not sensored.

The mount is 35.

Awwww… no sensors is a deal breaker for me. Running hybrid on my gfs board is sooo smooth, I don’t know if I could ever go back

fair enough :slight_smile: let me know if you see something else you like

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Price on the rspec

70 each my friend

What size belt do you think I’d need if using an enertion mount with that?

depends on your setup. Single drive? at least 12mm

which i also have for sale :wink:


How much for the sensored 12s esc’s? Anti spark switches? Enertion mount? Trampa brake truck?

the new 12s sensored esc’s are 100 each

Anti sparks are 25 each

enertion mount 35

trampa brake truck… idk offer

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What type of anti spark switches are they? Vedder I assume?

Hey @KlethBane check his anti spark switches

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