Coming Soon - Carbon Fiber Drop Through

Hi guys,

Please tell me what you think. Would care to hear your opinions and suggestions.

I am more thinking of the board on the right side. The board is 39.5" and 9.75" width.

I’ve also redesigned my current bolt on to be with M6 bolts… However, in the process of re-designing a complete carbon fiber board I decided to build from the ground up. I realize for the motor mounts that I never planned on using a belt cover, motor pulley cover or any motor protective plate. In the end, for myself they just add to more complication, more weight, more cost. Very simple and easy to build is a better option. Here is picture of the dual rear with 12mm pulleys.

Here is a photo of the top of the deck with the battery pack. It’s a 10S3P pack. I may change to 12S3P but it tends to run bigger but I think 10S is ok since it’s cheaper, flatter and not as long.

For the height of the deck, I wanted a drop through so it’s real low to the ground.

Personally, I also want a mini deck… This one is 30" long.

Mini - Style 1

Mini - Style 2 (Jet Board)

What do you guy’s think?

The idea for the build is 10S3P, Dual VESC, 6355 230KV (I like the faster motors, they go 20-25% inclines much easier), 12mm belt setup. I also find the faster motors better to ride. You can always ease off the throttle if you don’t want to go faster.


style 1 ftw! haha looks awesome

If you had a compact composite cruiser with a kicktail, I’d be interested.


I like mini style 1 the best


Looking good! Price Point Price Point Price Point! Any idea what they’re gonna cost? I like the first one but like already mentioned, a kicktail would be perfect. I prefer a shorter board as long as it has a kicktail.

Just my .02 worth. Al…

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simply AWESOME !

now we have several options to choose from !

a longboard companies are producing carbon fibre decks and did a bullet proof test

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That drop through is bad ass! ATE?

But with a motor mount under the board it will hit when you turn if the deck is dropped through. I like them all

I have the same concern. I was under the impression that drop thru decks need reverse mounted motor mounts.

I love it @torqueboards! the 39.5" on the right looks great. I would probably top-mount it, but if drop-through works I’d try it! It looks like there there is no drop on either tail, could you add a little? I like my feet to lock in. Nonetheless, excited to see how this turns out!

Also, is that a new DIYES battery in the drawing? I would love a complete battery solution but smaller than the current market offerings, and less expensive. Maybe 5-7mAh?

Looks great @torqueboards

IMO: For the long deck the one on the right is the best. For short deck I like option 1, jet spud is kind of a boring shape to me.

one hell of a good reason to go for some hubs :wink:

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Style 1 right side looks the best to me but may suffer wheelbite with the squared off cut outs.

Drop through works great if your choice of mount is adjustable enough.

Yeah, I like the dropthough. With SurfRodz Hex TKP Trucks the setup will be pretty sweet.

I’ve recently tried better CNC Precision Trucks and they are a world of a difference. I can’t believe, I didn’t switch before. You can get SurfRodz Hex TKP Trucks for $99 bucks.

I’m most likely looking into the dropthrough and Style 1. I did think of a kicktail option but the kicktail option would have to be about 32" could possibly make it smaller but 32" might be a better size.

ETA for the board is within the next few months. Finializing on the design first.

The motor mount is angled so you’ll be able to adjust the plate. The lean is fine and won’t touch. It’s doable. You can angle the motors to the backside if you wanted as well. For the motor mount to be inward it just has to be very minimal.

@treenutter - The top enclosure is a flat piece of carbon fiber so the lock might be a bit more difficult. I’ll try and take a look into that though.

The battery pack is new. The downside to a 5mah vs 7mah isn’t much of a difference. The main cost for the battery pack is in shipping. The added cells isn’t too much. It’s probably better off going for a 7.5ah setup.

I was looking into a 6s3p setup vs a 10s3p and the price difference is like $50 bucks when in reality the 10s3p is a much better option.

Hub motors would be awesome on these decks most definitely :slight_smile:

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something with raised wheel wells would be awesome! When I am commuting and get caught in some wet areas, it is nice to not get sprayed with water.

Maybe something like the Python. If you went drop through you could even go more exagerated on the wheel wells.

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Hahah! man… tell me about it… I always ride my board even if it’s raining out because I’d prefer not to walk…The days when it’s raining I always wear black pants because I’ll wear khakis and end up with black spots everywhere on my pant legs.

It’s possible but I think if I was to make the long deck it would be a similar style to the 1st option, unfortunately. Would be awesome to eventually have all the different deck styles.

I’d implore you to ride the Spud. The shape actually makes a lot of practical sense when going full throttle on a 29" board.

Yes it may be practical I agree. But the shape just looks like an oval and that’s not the most appealing shape to me. IMO

Maybe if I rode one it would change my mind?

I agree, it looks like a giant concave potato chip on first glance. But with the mileage I’ve put on it, I’ve come to appreciate how the shape and deep concave allows tight maneuvers and cornering. I don’t think I’d feel safe without that extra real estate on the width.

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