Common Motors and Their Respective Bolt Patterns

So since someone asked a couple hours ago about the files for the one piece motor mounts I designed and had made for The Imp build, I’ve had a considerably number more ask for them as well. So, here’s what I’ll do, you guys give me the name of the motor you want and the bolt pattern for mounting them (please specify exactly what your numbers mean so I know exactly what to make, ex. 32mm square meaning a square of 32mm each side on center. Or 32mm across/diagonal meaning 32mm on the diagonal on center) , and I’ll do another mass upload for the mount file in Source Files as well as a 1:1 DXF and DWG file so you guys can just hand it over to a Machinists with a CNC or waterjet cutter and get them made.

Off the top of my head, Ollin motors are ones I’d love to use in a next build, or enertions motors, or DIYs motors, the file currently fits the SK3 6355 no issues, I can also get the information from the other SK3s of hobbyking but just let me know what which ones. If I’m missing any other obvious motors suggest those too, I’ll do as many as I can over the weekend and upload them to thingiverse

The belt center to center on this mount is 61 and had 5mm each way. And the default angle for the mount is such that the lowest point sits above the centerline of the axle, size permitting. The 63mm sits about 1-2 mm above the bottom of the truck hanger and ive had no issues with clearance from the ground or the deck. In fact with a half inch riser I’ve yet to hit the deck and can make 180 degree turns in a once lane path. Mounts bolts on with one M6 20-25mm bolt (20 with no washer and lock washer, 25mm with)

If the motor shaft is more than 8mm also state that as I’ll have to open up the center hole to allow room for the C-clip to rotate freely