Communicatin with the VESC using software serial and arduino


I’m tring to get some data and control two VESCS using the UART communication and I’m struggling with and of course because I use around 3 UART busses both for the VESCS and the BL communication I cant use the hardware UART I’ve tried using this library:

to do so but I keep getting errors and I’m not much into the way it approaches the user.

and I’ve came accros this library:

which I like the programmer interface but probably doesn’t include reading data off the VESC and same problem with the Software serial thing.

Does someone have an example of using one of those libraries(Or any other thing) To set up software serial communication along with reading and writing to the VESC?

I use RollingGecko’s library and it works fine for reading data off vesc through an OLED

But I wanna use the code beyond that and through Software serial as well as writing data.

What data do you want to write specifically?

Motor dutycycle but now I figured how to use software serial with erwincoumans’s library but there is no option to read data the same way trough a class.

Also is there anyway to use “Currecnt mode” like trough the UART communication with all the accelerations and breaking?

Have you tried setting the VESC to UART and PPM in the BLDC tool?

Not about the vesc it’s about the software I’d like simple fuction for classes to read data from the vesc as for now I can only write to it and set duty with the arduino.

Oh gotcha I’ve ran into the same issues with that.