Community Parts-Bin Build

I’ve been browsing these forums for a while and think I’m finally ready to start my first build. My wife, however, has me on a pretty tight budget and it occurred to me that a lot of you guys probably have a parts bin full of extra stuff that you’re not using that you might like to turn into cash. I have an idea of what I’d like, but I’m open to whatever is available. Here’s what I’m looking for:

Deck - Cruiser style with a kicktail for maneuverability in NYC, but open to whatever.

ESC - VESC preferred, but open to others. I’d like to run FOC to keep things quieter.

Battery - Several 2S-4S LiPo packs to make a 10S-12S 5Ah+ pack, BMS optional (I already have a charger and parallel board for up to 6S.) Li-Ion

Motor - Single 6374 192kv

Trucks - Caliber II 50 Degree or similar

Motor Mount/Gears/Belt - Something that won’t break quickly or skip teeth

Enclosure - Not totally necessary. I could probably make something out of Kydex

Transmitter/Receiver - Something that doesn’t drop connection

Thanks all, I’m looking forward to see what we can build together!

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Sent you a PM about a remote.

I was just putting a list of parts together to sell, you posted at the right time :).

I have a Jet Spud 33 I’d let got for $50.00, I paid $75.95 for it in April. Its already got threaded inserts. I’d let it go with the enclosure for another $35.00.

I’ve got x5 ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 2S1P 30C hardcase packs I paid $25.00 each for, only 1 charge cycle and already wired up to a BMS. I was going to use them on a 27in Juker Hawaii but I decided to keep it as a push board. I’d let them go for $20 each plus $20 for the BMS, total $120.00.

I have a MEB VESC that I don’t use anymore. You can have it for $75.00. Its been ridden pretty hard, but there’s no errors, never been wet, never gotten hot.

I have a KorryH Motor Mount, its been painted black and has a few scratches but there’s nothing wrong with it. You can have it for $25.00.

I’ve got tons of 3d printed wheel pulleys, mostly Blue & Red, that I’ll throw in for free. The are printed with ABS at 100% infill. You will need to get the bolts & nuts, but its $3 for all of it at any hardware store.

I have some mini-remotes that are still new in the pack, $20.00.

I have x2 260kv 6355 motors, they have been ridden pretty hard. I had to weld the can on one where the shaft twisted out, but there’s nothin other than cosmetics wrong with them. DIY doesn’t sell them anymore, but they were $90 each new. I’d take $120 for both.

I can throw in a couple of belts, I don’t have any trucks (at least not that I would want anyone to ride :slight_smile:),

I have a set of caliber II’s… $30

@markyoe I appreciate the offer, but mmaner has one a little cheaper, so I have to go with that.

@mmaner That’s perfect! I’m definitely interested in the deck, batteries/BMS, VESC, and remote. I see the mount fits Caliber…what is the motor hole spacing? Think I’ll pass on the motor…260kv seems a little high for 10S.

@flywithgriff Sounds good!

I’ll PM you guys individually when I get home.


I’m not sure, I’ll measure it when I get home tonight. Ill take pics this weekend and post them to you.

If you need li ion I make li ion packs

@willpark16 I’d love to go Li-Ion, but figured it’d be too expensive. How much would a 10S 2-3P pack run me with a BMS?

10s2p roughly 300 and a 3p would be 350 its better in the long run though

That’s a bit out of my budget at this point, but I’ll keep you in mind when it comes time to upgrade in the future. Cheers!

No problem

Looks like now I just need wheels/bearings and a 63xx 190ish kv motor.

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The best place for budget wheels but good quality will be from @JLabs. Or if you want to gamble on the quality aspect you can get flywheel clones from ebay for about $30.

Thanks for the shout @flywithgriff! My wheels are currently $10 off

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Those wheels are sweet!

Those do look really nice, but I don’t know if I can spend the cash. What’s the difference between those and the $20 clones on Amazon.

I’m also open to lightly used wheels.

These are really really good. The cheap clones don’t provide as nice if a ride and these last longer too. I briefly rode genuine flywheels and these felt just as smooth, I have also been told by others that they couldn’t feel the difference.

Alright gang, I have all the big stuff but now I’m looking for the small bits to get it all put together. Please let me know if you have any of the following that you’d be willing to part with:

(2) 1/2" Soft Riser Blocks 10AWG Silicone Wire (Red and Black, a few feet of each) 42v Charger and Charge Port 15T Motor Pulley (12mm Wide, 8mm Bore, Keyed) Motor Key (2.75x18mm) (4) Motor Screws/Washers (M4x12mm) 200mm Shrink Wrap Tubing 100mm Shrink Wrap Tubing (2) XT90 Male/Female Connector Pairs (2) XT90-S Female Connectors Velcro

Thanks all!

I’ll be off work u til Wednesday but I’ll see if i can find you some M4-12 button head screws when I get back. If so I’ll drop em in an envelope.

I’d ask @JLabs if he has any chargers from the group by left. They weren’t too expensive and both of mine are still going strong.

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