Community Research for a college class

Here is a little preamble. I am taking a course on Computer Human Interaction, and I have to do market research for a website design that I want to make. I am hoping to get a lot of replies, that way my sample size is larger. It is nothing crazy, just have to ask some questions. I am currently building a DIY mountain board, and came up with this idea, because I am excited with the idea of building and combining that with a research topic for my class!

(Please answer with more than a yes or no) While this website does exist and brings people together and allow for an exchange of information, would there be an appeal for a similar type of website, but more complex, in that it has a blog, forum, selling full custom boards and parts, video tutorials, and live advice from experienced builders?

I find sometimes it is hard to find a lot of solid information without having to filter through a lot of different conflicting information. I know most of the stuff is personal opinion, but what are your thoughts on a live chat, or dedicated email correspondence to answer the questions you have in a timely matter?

What is your experience level with builds, and your specific thoughts on the above topics, good or bad, too complex, any real feedback would be appreciated.

In your opinion, what would help sway you to have someone build an e-board for you, or would you prefer to continue to build for yourself?

Which do you prefer and why, Li-ion packs or Li-po’s?

What type of drive components do you prefer, hub motors, pulleys, gear drives and why?

Would you prefer to buy parts from third party vendors, or people within the esk8 community and why?

How did you get into esk8, were you a previous skateboarder or did you just think it looked cool? Please feel free to share your story.

What aspects of this website do you find to be the most beneficial?

Do you prefer speed or torque and range?

What do you look for when purchasing motors?

What is your favorite ESC?

If a website was made that was a competition to this one, based on the above features would you continue to use this forum, use both, or not use the other website? (you can speculate just give detail in your answers.)

Please provide an age range, and gender with your answer for demographics!

Feel free to answer some or all of the questions. If you do not want to answer any questions directly, you can provide feedback in anyway you would prefer.

Thanks in advance, Jeffrey

Any help would be much appreciated! Just need to gather data so I can submit my assignment.

You could use this form to answer the questions

I have 7 responses, so if you contributed thanks! if you haven’t, please consider contributing, I would appreciate more responses from everyone!

Edited. I just saw the link. But the torque and speed question needs to be rephrased. Everyone will always want range. The further, the better.

@LeonCamero Thanks for the input, do you have a recommendation on how to rephrase the question better? Battery and motor kv kind of couple into these as well. I know there is a lot of factors, but I just tried to keep it simple. I guess, maybe I could have wrote do you prefer battery s groups over p groups?

I actually have two suggestions since I was told of a better forum. One that’s actually more active.

This should say “more Torque or more speed.” Acceleration is based on wheel size, not really the battery or the motor itself. Everyone would love more range, but the main focus is how we want to build it. so the question should say:

“When looking into your esk8 build, do you prefer more torque, or speed or have it in-between?”

This should be the main focus since we know that range is pretty much the necessity of esk8. Imagine having torque but the battery doesn’t get you at least the milage your looking for. That would suck.

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