Commuter Build | Atom Drop Through Longboard 41' | CarvON V2.5 Hub Motors | Space Cell Pro 4 Battery | 2 VESC-X


So after seeing someone zoom about on a boosted board I looked up what other options were available. Did some research and stumbled upon this forum. I’ve been lurking for these past two weeks trying to figure out what kind of build I’d enjoy putting together and riding for commuting to and from campus. This so far is my part list:

I was wondering what tools and other accessories I’m missing specifically. Such as the type of wire I would need to connect the components with and a glue gun to hold them down. I realize I still need an RC controller, does anyone have any recommendations? I couldn’t decide on which one to go with.

This is the best remote available:

Awesome, thanks for the link. Hey do you think if I used a Bluetooth receiver and paired it with my phone I could potentially control the motors in that manner?

Sound like a nice build. :relaxed:

Blue tooth controllers are unreliable

Gt2b controller with a baby buffalo case is treating me awesome!! Really responsive and I can walk over a 100feet and still get a solid connection. Feels safe and you need that when your going 50 km…

@JohnnyMeduse Thanks :slight_smile: @Namasaki Why are blue tooth controllers unreliable? I’ll be within 3 ft of the receiver. Would it be because of interference?

Also, if you have alot of Hills around you I wouldn’t recommend hub motors right now. If your just cruising around on flat ground then should be a sweet ride!

@Chris604 Is the Gt2b controller a stand alone controller that is “wrapped” with a 3D printed case? There are some minor inclines and declines on the route I take. From what I read with the power that will be on this build it shouldn’t be an issue. Unless what I read is wrong and hub motors can’t tackle hills at all

You longer range for your controller incase you fall off and the board gets away from you. And people have trouble with interference and drop outs with Bluetooth. I used to have a Yuneec Ego with a Bluetooth controller. It would drop connection if I put my hand in my jacket pocket. And sometimes it would drop for no reason.

@Namasaki That’s a good point. I was playing with my receiver for my speakers and just covering my phone partially causes it to be spotty so definitely not going to go with blue tooth. Thanks for the feedback

your welcome. The link I posted, the RC mini is a really good controller. It’s what I’ve been using for almost a year. It doesn’t have rechargeable battery. It used 2 AA batteries. But if you put Lithium AA in it, they will last for a long time. In mine they lasted more than 8 months.

This looks like a solid build. I would also recommend the mini remote, pretty sure it’s the same one I got one with my metroboard. Highly reliable, and does what it says. Here’s how it works. Ignore the bells and battery levels, cuz their ESC can do that. It will likely be not functional on VESC.

Alright definitely going with the RC mini then for my controller. @Photorph not really worried about the battery reading and stuff since the Space pro battery has that already integrated with it.