Commuter | First Board | 2WD | Lots of Torque

I’m planning a build to use at college as a commuter. I plan on it having lots of torque, and top speed isn’t that important to me. With my backpack, I’m about 250 pounds. I know most of the parts I am going to use except for the battery size and motors.

  • Board: LHB Scarlet
  • Trucks: DIY Caliber Style trucks that are 230mm & Adjustable Baseplates
  • Drive/Mount: Fatboy Mini Urethane Gear Drive 1:2.4/1:2.6
  • VESC: FlipSky Dual FSESC 6.6 Pro
  • Motor: 6374 190kv? Maytech/BKB
  • Battery: 18650 Samsung 30Q 10s4p? NESE
  • BMS: DieBieMS
  • Remote: Feather Remote w/ modified body
  • Bushings: 96a Barrels and Fatsones & 96a WFB Pivot Cups
  • Wheels: 107mm Abec11 SuperFlys

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could give me some feedback and help me figure out my battery and motor combination.

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If you want torque over speed then maybe go with the TB 6380 170kv motors, 10s4p will do fine, but 5p or even 6p might be better. What enclosure do you plan to use?

I’m not sure about the enclosure just yet. For the battery, I’d like to save as much weight as possible, so I’m leaning towards 10s4p. The 6380 is definitely a good option, but I would like to have sealed motor which is why I’m looking at BKB and Maytech.

Maybe use an enclosure from @longhairedboy that’s made for that deck. If its sealed motors you really want, take a look at the maytech 6880s sealed on both ends and have an extra bearing to support the can

The 6880s would be my top choice, but I’m worried about ground clearance of the motors with the Fatboy Mini Gear Drive.

Just use a riser for the trucks so that you can angle the motors up higher off the ground

Yeah, that might be the way to go.

@zsanderson61 i’m going to have new boxes coming for my decks that will fit better. I have enclosures now, but the fit is not as good as i like, which is why i’m getting new ones made in peru by the famous eboosted shop.

Awesome. What are the dimensions of the one for the scarlet?

he’s not done with them yet so i’d rather not say as things may change, but there will be room for a DS 12S5P and a unity or two other ESCs.