Commuter First build / Turnigy sk8 motor 245kv/

This is an old topic yeah but not recently visited with new technology.

I’ve already put together a build I just want to double check with some experts to avoid huge disappointment. Although if esk8 calculator is correct it should be fine. I was considering using the following main parts:


The batteries are similar prices but the li-on will last longer but is harder to build. Is a Supower bms worth extra or can i just use a cheaper one and only use it to charge and balnce while in use. 26mph, need to do about 10 miles a day on a flat beachfront cycle path. Max gradient is 5%. This is purely a commuting board for my lectures.

EDIT: 16-36 gears, 83mm wheels

Commenting to see if there are any updates. You only need one motor for those conditions. Li-ion is longer lasting, you save money with them in the long run. I heard the cans from these motors easily fall off. Does anyone have experience with them?

I’ve read 9k comments and building batteries no need to explain. Who said they fall off I thought they were good from what I heard?

saw it in some interview with Ernesto from kaly. the point is they are not secured well. I don’t own them so can’t confirm. I was asking if you made the build from above / how it holds up because I also want to buy that exact motor

Ah that sucks I thought they were great especially considering max 100 amps although the watt ratings match that they’re bitmgger than quoted