Commuter | Loaded Dervish | Caliber II | Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 213KV | Custom mount | 8S1P 8000 mAh | VESC


Found this forum a couple days ago while looking for Caliber II mounts, and figured maybe I could get some opinions on my build? Allready got the trucks and can choose between 2 decks I have, Loaded Dervish or Lifelong Seeker. What do you guys think would be best? The Dervish is very flexy, while the Seeker is super stiff, but has a w-concave which could make it tricky to mount lipos etc.

Rest in the build is looking like this: Flywheels 87mm: GT2B Bad wolf remote (3D print) Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-213KV VESC: Multistar High Capacity 8000mAh 4S 10C (x2 in series) 15-36 pulleys

Any feedback? Im not looking for extreme top speed, Id rather have more tourqe as my daily commute have some hills of up to 17 degrees according to google earth. Should I go for an even lower KV motor?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Never seen 87mm flywheels. Should work, maybe a lower kv motor if torque is the goal.

I personally run a Lifelong Nomad, the w-concave is great for high speed stability. But if you want a low to medium speed commuter, then I would go with the dervish.

I think if recall the motor is actually a 6364 motor

Id go with a higher C rated battery. You will only be able to output 80 amps with at 10c. This would probably work alright, but you’ll see some voltage sag under load. I personally don’t use anything under 150ish amp continuous output.

Thanks for all the replies!

Yes, My bad, its a 6364 motor. Seems like you all would go for lower KV, think I’ll go for the SK3 6364 190KV then!

How did you work out the mounting of components om the w-concave? Think I would prefer to go with the Seeker as I actually have 2 of those decks!

For the batteries, maybe this will be a better fit? ZIPPY Flightmax 8000mAh 4S1P 30C. Should give 240A continous (which probably isnt true, but atleast it should be better than the multistars).

Sorry for not quoting, cant find how to do it from the phone!

I have that exact battery wired as an 8S1P and hellooo did it sag a lot. I at first set the motor max to 60A which gave hell lot of torque but the voltage sometimes dropped to 0% after a hill or lots of acceleration. Now running it at only 30A to preserve battery life, but the sag is real and the cells have definitely suffered … Most people have tons of sag and dont even realize, so it might not be a problem for you. If you want to eliminate sag youre gonna have to go for like a 60c rating like described here

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Hmm… Yea thats worth thinking about.

How is the hill climbing potential with the motor restricted to 30A?

not great :smiley: but good for not so steep hills