Compact 18650 holder ideas?

Does anyone know of spacers similar to these but don’t leave gaps between the cells?

I’ve built a 10s4p pack which is currently glued into two parallel rows of 20 cells similar to the space cell pro 4 but because my cells are all hot glued together and soldered via fuse wires as opposed to all being spot welded together, riding on really rough roads can sometimes cause the glue to unstick between the cells which isn’t ideal. I used to use spacers similar to the ones I’ve linked but now that I’ve upgraded my pack from 30 to 40 cells, I no longer have the room to use these.

I’m also using Enertion’s space cell enclosure which has ribs along the bottom where the batteries sit which makes it more difficult to secure the cells with spacers but I’m considering sanding down the ribs so the bottom of the inside of the enclosure is flat as the ribs just seem to make it troublesome to secure the cells more than anything.

Need to check out @Namasaki and @delta_19 and thier builds

IMO, its better to have gap between the cells to keep them from rubbing together and possibly wearing through there insulation and causing a problem. Also better cooling. Where space is a concern, most people omit the spacers and glue the cells together.

Yea that’s basically what I’ve done due to space limitations. The issue is that gluing them together with hot glue doesn’t really seem to be ideal as a long term solution due to the fact that vibrations can cause the glue to come unstuck.

A combination of hot glue with fishpaper wrapped on the edges and brass buss bars on top followed with shrink wrap has been bullet proof for me. I really should do a build thread with my technique. We have a teak speedboard in the works right now, I’ll have to take a few photos of the battery build process and post it up on the forum.


I glued some with rtv silicone. It takes a lot more time but it’s flexible so it won’t fail with vibration

Would love to see a few photos of some of the batteries you’ve built if you get the chance :slight_smile:

Yea this is also something I’ve been considering. How easy is it to remove the stuff from the batteries if needed in the future?

The silicone is very easy to remove

I’ve used thermally conductive silicone prototyping a watercooled pack. Helps to have a jig due to the cure time. Still like to use fishpaper between each paralleled group to prevent shorts, it is easy to wear through the thin shrink wrap on 18650 cells overtime.

Would something like this do the trick? How long does this sort of stuff usually take to cure?

That should work. Block the cells together with something like wood and apply a bead in the valley between each cell. Let it dry 1 day then flip it over and apply a bead on the other side and let that dry for 1 day.


Would love to see your battery build thread !