Comparing VESC types

Hey all,

I’m currently in the design phase of my first build- haven’t actually put anything together yet. I’ve been watching parts and whatnot to catch sales when they arrive, but I don’t know all of difference between some of the VESC manufacturers. I know the Ollin and Torqueboard VESC’s run 4.12, while the FOCBOX runs a slightly different firmware. Are there any other major differences between the manufacturers? If not, I’ll go with the cheapest route. Any and all thoughts are appreciated.


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I believe the FOCBOX runs the same firmware as the Ollin 4.12 and the TB 4.12

Both the Ollin and Focbox have upgraded hardware. Ollin is available with optional FET heatsinks (highly recommended) The Focbox was redesigned with a square footprint, has direct FET’s and is inclosed in a custom case that includes FET heat sink.

I have not worked with the TB Vesc so I can’t comment on it

If you get the FOCBOX, be prepared to either change it’s phase connectors to match your motor or visa versa. The new ones come with 3.5mm connectors where as most motors come with 4mm or 5.5mm

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I’ve got 5 Torqueboards VESC’s, 2 FocBoxes, 2 MEB VESC’s and a Maytech door stop. All if them are quality other than the Maytech, it’s a PoS. Essentially you can equate quality with price in this instance. I don’t have any Ollin VESC’s but I’ve heard nothing but good things.

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Thanks for the advice. As for heatsinks, have you heard of anyone building their own heatsinks? I’ve heard of active cooling systems but installing a heatsink seems to be a tad easier.