Comparison ( graphs ) of commonly used liion cells

Hi, I just did some math and created these graphs to compare commonly used 18650 cells. Hope it helps!

Complete document:


I hope the Tesla cells will be aviable for everyone. They will blow this graph :smiley: (good work btw)

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Thanks for the info, very useful! do you think samsung 30q has similar value to these? also, where are the prices from? Thanks.

real watt hours changes based on how much current you’re drawing, that should be spec’d somewhere here (maybe a <10A/cell, >10A/cell chart)

Prices are from the supplier I usually buy them from, they are close to prices on liionwholesale for 50+ pcs.

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Thats right, but its extremely hard to get to the actual capacity as its always different ( the way you ride, hills etc. ). Due to that, I just used the capacity from the datasheet and their nominal voltage.