Comparison | YECOO XJ or Meepo V3

Dear Members I am new for electric skateboard, Recently, I found two very similar skateboards. Here are my comparisons of the skateboard specifications on their own websites. I welcome players who have used one of these two skateboards to help my supplement.


Yecoo is a new brand, their XJ electric skateboard is a version upgraded based on their Yecoo X1, which is more detail-oriented and brings better experience. Upgraded Yecoo XJ has enhanced seal bottom case, which is waterproof, dustproof and wearproof; Imported steel framed truck makes you comfortable and smooth when turning; And improved battery, high-speed, high-capacity battery, more powerful power, longer mileage. Fast charging costs 2 hours.

  • Battery: 10S3P 36V Battery
  • Max Range:
    • Standard(6.0Ah): Up to 12 Miles(19.3km) * LG(7.8Ah): Up to 18 Miles(29km) * LG(10.5Ah): Up to 21 Miles(34km)
  • Top Speed:
    • Low mode: Up to 12 mph(20km/h) * Middle mode: Up to 18 mph(30km/h) * High mode: Up to 25 mph(40km/h)
  • Hill Climbing: Up to 25 ~ 35% Grade
  • Weight: 18 lbs(8.5kg)
  • Max Load: 264 lbs(120kg)
  • Power: 600 Watts * 2 hub motor
  • Deck: 8 layers of maple and baking varnish
  • Wheels: 90mm PU
  • Charging Time: 2 hours

Meepo V3

I have heard of this brand before. Meepo’s skateboard is also very cost-effective. Most of their skateboards are hub motors. Similarly, Meepo V3 is also hub motor. In addition, V3 has been fully upgraded based on previous generations of skateboards. Make it faster, more powerful and with higher acceleration.

  • Battery: Standard battery / ER Battery
  • Max Range:
    • standard battery: 11 miles / 18 km
    • ER battery: 20 miles /32.18 km
  • Top Speed:29 mph / 46 kph
  • Uphill: 30% grade
  • Weight: 16 lbs/ 7.2 kg
  • Max Load: 300 lbs / 136 kg
  • Power: 2 X 540 Watts Hub Motors
  • Deck: 7 layers of true Canadian maple
  • Wheels: 90 mm X 60 mm 78a
  • Charging Time:
    • Standard battery: 2 hrs
    • ER battery: 2.7 hours

I did not read all the post because in that comparison there is only one winner. The meepo. Great product that has been tested and tested and tested and come out shining. Great first esk8. I still have a V1 and a V1.5. Customer service is second to none. Buy the meepo and then ride it around and then build something but never ever sell the little meep. It will be there when your build has its first hissy fit and it will still be there working when your 5th build has its first hissy fit. Personally I would go with the NLS pro version because it has the hobbywing esc which is a lovely smooth unit as opposed to the v3 which has the older version that can be a little snatchy. Some people love it though. Good luck brother and welcome to the Hotel California.


Actully, I never use both of them. But the waterproof and the battery of Yecoo XJ seems better than Meepo V3 if compare those two Board only from the parameter anlge.

Meeper for da win.


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I have Yecoo XJ. It’s very powerfull. I like it.


What’s the difference?What I’m curious about is that their power is different, but XJ’s power is higher than V3’s, why is the top speed lower. Does it have anything to do with the weight of the skateboard and the weight of the person?In terms of performance, I prefer XJ, And if you look at the look of V3, I think V3 looks better.It looks like a BOOSTED skateboard.

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because it has More torque it has less speed

Deffinetly Meepo, I have had the V2p for over a year now, and their newer stuff is even better.

Take the Meepo it’s solid 4 the price. They are makeing it better and better like every 6 months. Solid hubs never had any major problem with my v2. It’s worth the 429 USD. but get a bigger battery u gonna love it and ride it everywere.

The Yecoo never seen or tesed it. but it got the old style hubs and probobly ESC.