Compatability for Battery, ESC, and Motor

Hello everyone! I am very new to E-skateboarding but am looking forward to doing more with them, ive gathered some parts and I just want to make 100% sure that they are compatible and will work together. Thanks in advance for all the help

Motor: BLDC Belt Motor 6354 190KV 2450W Electric Longboard Brushless DC Motor 6354 190KV 2450W | – FLIPSKY

ESC: Mini FSESC4.20 50A base on VESC® 4.12 Most compact VESC4 DIY electric skateboard | Mini FSESC4.20 | Flipsky – FLIPSKY

Battery: HOOVO 4S 14.8V 7200mAh 120C RC LiPo

Thanks once again!

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The battery is a bit low voltage, this will severly limit the power/speed at 4S.

Normally we use 10s or 12s. So if you get three of those batteries and wired them in Series, you will have a 7.2Ah 12S Pack. Which will be a monster.

Two would probably do you as 8S will be enough volts to get you moving.

Yeah thanks for the advice, I forgot to add that I did have 2 batteries, might save up a bit for a 3rd battery. Thanks for the advice!

8S will get you going, but do leave space for extra packs in your design, as if you love esk8ing as much as the rest of us, then you can easily add more batteries to it, if it goes fast enough for you, maybe consider adding two more in parallel when you are (financially ready), that would go the same speed but twice as far.

What about your Deck / Wheels / Trucks / Enclosure.
Have you got them planned?

Yeah I already have my board, trucks, and wheels on. I borrowed that from my friend because he said that he didn’t need it and I could have it. For the enclosure I was thinking of getting some sort of box with a lacrhable lid and painting it black, but I’m still thinking about that.