Complete 10s 190kv longboard and parts unused to a few times use(sold!)

so with second semester coming up its time to invest in a new laptop and stop annoying memebers of this forum. Price $730 shippped, if you are near orange county price is negotiable. Specs 10s3p samsung spotwelded li ion battery 40a fuse tb 12s esc with ubec set to give enough power to move a 130ib teen from a standstill with minor cogging but works perfect from push off benchweehl controller and receiver led display on and off switch 36v charger 2a charging port bms psycotiller enclosure 97mm flywheels caliber trucks

extra parts (prices include fast shipping) tacon 245kv motor keyed shaft 5mm bullet connectors ($55) sk3 260kv motor braided wires carbon fiber can ($55) (3 charges on it)6s 4p lg he2 spotwelded pack comes with balance leads non soldered(can include an 80 amp fuse) ($160) imaxb6 charger works fine ($15) enertion space cell 4 pro enclosure ($30) pscotiller 255mm belt mount ($55) 3x 255mm belts 2 from torqueboards $2 a piece with mount

Will post photos in about an hour once im home if you have any intrest in the following parts or board drop comments below. The board has seen around 30 miles and everything works perfect i would probably just reccomend a new deck as this one has a few holes in it Uploading…

I am interested in the controller+receiver you got.

the remote comes as part of the complete sorry man

some photos of whats inside the case

The price is going to be cheaper with the more parts that are ordered

What width are the belts? Is the charger a b6ac or does it need a power supply? Does the mount come with clamp? PM me price for Psycho mount, belts and b6 charger.

Belts are 11 or 12mm

had to make it look sexier😂

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@willpark16 What board kinda is that? I want it. Can you link me if possible? Thanks dude!

Sure I’ll hit u with the link as soon as I’m home

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Thanks dude!

@Matt_54 there u go

Price drop now $650

if i can find enough buyers will part it out 10s3p samsung spotwelded li ion battery 40a fuse tb 12s esc with ubec benchweehl controller and receiver enertion spacecell pro removed from enclosure psycotiller enclosure 97mm flywheels caliber trucks

make me an offer need it gone

K I’ll mark u diwn

I would take the flywheels but only for a very low price, like if you really want to get rid of them…

Alright I’ll put u down for em

Hello I am very interest by the motor but I am so bad with using this forum. Is it possible to contact me at : [email protected] Ty dude

Motor Enclosure Remote And battery Wheels are on hold from different buyers Anyone need the esc?

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How much for the esc? i’d be interested in the remote and receiver too if that falls through