Complete Backfire G2(S) + Loaded Deck n trucks and Ownboard drive kit for sale [EU/DENMARK] [SOLD]

Since my dream was to get a Boosted Board I decided to sell everything I have that I don’t need for now so I can hopefully save up for my dream board.

Since I never got my money from my last sale I would prefer to be paid via bank transfer / Mobilepay or find a solution via PayPal since my money is frozen for 180 days.

I’m located in Denmark, can ship everywhere in EU if buyer pays shipping but shipping prices may or may not be high so would prefer to sell to someone in Denmark.

Items for sale:

Backfire G2(S) Totally fixed, WowGo ESC everything you can dream off and lots really sweet only rode it for 500km and only 2 months old but I rebuild the entire board a few days ago so looks mint.

Comes with lots of spare wheels old remote tools and Shredlights 2Amp + 1.5A charger 96mm wheels so on, i replaced bearings with Bones red and Orangatang Nipple bushings and a ton of other changes.

Price: €485 incl everything or 400€ without Shredlights.

Loaded Vanguard Flex 3 + Paris 2 Trucks (Raw and Black 50) + Orangatang In Heat 75 and good bearings, virtually brand new only ridden 50 or so km.

Price: €215 with everything.

Ownboard Reflashed drive kit, never riden does 42+km/h has 3 speedmodes ceramic bearings its ready to roll.

Price: €180


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Everything is sold already?

I still have the Vanguard deck trucks and wheels, but i think i might just keep it.

Eeeehhhh late… Liked your Backfire :wink:

Was also pretty solid, but had to go for a Boosted to come :smiley: