Complete board, 8s3p 30Q, sk3, vesc, supower bms, Parting out!

I part out now!

Hi, I started ordering part half a year ago as a noob and all things came at different times and some broke etc etc. ex I got my remote 2 week ago. So the board itself is in good fkn condition imo.

But now I know much more and I want to finance a build before the summer so I have to sell this quick.

Perfect for a beginner that want a complete set!

Here are specs

Oxelo fishtail 73cm long and 21 wide ( best cruiser board ever imo)

Caliberstyle trucks, silver painted black

flywheels style 83 mm

Motor mount by forum member that went shit. But the mount is pretty damn good, enertion style CF mount

36/15 black anodized aluminum and steel pulleys, 15 mm wide by a reputable forum member, can’t remember namne sorry haha.

Custom glasfiber boosted style enclosure by @DjamboBuksne

Sk3 6364 213kv

Maytech vesc It works in bldc no problem but don’t do foc please

Antispark by @goldenHusky btw he is amazing, its his old design not the new ones but still works no problem.

Bms from supower 60A, Good reputation and quality, works perfectly

Charger, laptop style black 2a charger

Benchwheel remote, it is good and reliable and work perfectly.

Lastly a dubbelstacked 8s3p liion pack of samsung 30Q. Genuin and spot welded with triple nickel. Secured and wrapped. balancewirers comes out and then to bms.

there you have it, it is a top beginners build.

I am in EU

You pay shipping

Pay goods and service to avid conflicts

I ship only after payment

and yeah price is 500 euros which is cheaper than I paid obviously

Please don’t be cocky behind a screen complaining about pricing, it is not for you then

I will maybe part out inte a mechanical kit ( Deck, wheel, truck, mount, motor, pulley, enclosure) for 240 euros

and electronics kit ( vesc, antispark, bms, charger, battery) for 285 euros Remote will be given free to the first buyer

Send a pm if you want a specific part so I can see if I will be able to sell everything!

Price can be discussed

Mods plus @GrecoMan let me know if I have forgotten something! and have a nice day all builders :grin:


Nice batt pack… did u order it to be made someone local to you or was it overseas delivery?

I bought the cells and sent them to a swedish (local) batteri Company and has them make the pack to my preference and config. The name of Company is in the pic

Looks nice. I like that they include sticker with battery info. Also nice that u know number of nickel layers your battery has.

I assume as that was somewhat special order u were able to specify such details / conditions for making this pack

yeah i told him to make the pack special order per my instructions which included layout, number of strips and shielding. pretty good service!

How much was the service?

30 euros per pack plus shipping

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Hi, I am interrested by your battery pack (and its charger) Would you sell it separatly ? How much would you ask for it ? Thank you !

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Cmon guys!

I might be interested in the VESC if you decide to sell it separatedly

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How much?


price reduced

30 euros off the kits and 50 off the whole board!

If you want a specific part then pm with offer!

Interested in vesc, bms and charger. Please let me know if you can sell them separately Giuseppe

sold !!!