Complete board for sale!

Ok so i recently finished my 1st build and this thing is insane i like it so much that my head wont stop spinning thinking about my 2nd build only problem is i financials, so even tho i have to let this one go before i can start on my 2nd one meaning ill probably be esk8less for at least a month till i wait for parts and build it i think i can do it, Here are the specs *Method deck suraido *4 x 3s 30C 8000mAh lipos (zippy flightmax) *Turnigy SK3 6374 149kv *Ollin vesc w/heat sink *on/off anti-spark led switch *torqueboards trucks/83mm wheels/pulleys *12mm 16T/36T *torqueboards V4 motor mount *upgraded bushings *upgraded bearings (reds super) *GT2B + mastercho upgrade enclosure *pshycotiller enclosure

Im riding this board daily, fun, fast and most importantly reliable since day one, a lot of people might think 8awg is an overkill for the wiring but for the difference in price i thought it wont hurt going 8awg and doble anti spark protection

You can see more pics in my build thread under cosmic dust

whole or parts and how much?

Whole and pm an offer