Complete Electric skateboard kit

Does anybody know of a company that makes a 100% complete kit that includes everything except the board.




Hi @mpeg MPEG, welcome to the forum

I could sell you all the parts that I use to make the RAPTOR!

Only thing I don’t have listed on the website to purchase is the hand controller.

The two categories of parts to building an electric skateboard.

  1. The mechanical components
  2. The electronics components

I offer complete mech kits for building single or dual motor electric skateboards

Here is single motor mech kit

& Dual motor mounting kit

However the electronics kit is sort of being redeveloped, I talk more about that here:

So it’s not really a kit exactly, basically just separate parts. The two key ingredients to make it a full kit are a decent enclosure & the hand controller. Ask @psychotiller (aka grumpy :wink:) about his enclosures.

Here are the separate parts: Electric Skateboard Battery Electric Skateboard Motors Speed controller Wireless Hand controller: Still being finalised.

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I recommend looking at some build threads. You can get an idea of what you want to do. They list all the products they use. You shouldn’t necessarily limit your search to companies that can provide everything. Their are alot of companies that sell great products but don’t provide all the products necessary. Another company that sells everything you need is

Hope this helps, Hans

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hi @onloop, great stuff you’re selling, I have an ongoing order #1420. May you please update it with a foreseen shipment date? thanks V