Complete motor mount / Motors / ESC set for Trampa e-MTB ok

Hi, do you still have the motors? Are they in good shape?

Yes they are like new :wink: still have it

I’m building my first mtn board… Everyone recommends the 6374 192kv. Do you feel like these motors have the torque needed for a 200 pound guy?

I am 180 pounds and I have been ejected many times from the board with this set of ESC. The punch is incredible I am using the level 1 for the acceleration (there is 5 levels)

That made me lol. I’m a bit nervous buying without warranty. Would you take $75?

No sorry :frowning: Just buy them from hobbyking if you want a warranty :slight_smile:

Had to ask… Your asking $100? Is that shipped?

Nope shipping is 15usd for the US

Hey ist this still aktuell??

I will buy all this item

Motors and ESC have been sold :frowning: Motor mount is still available

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What are you looking for for the motor mount? With shipping to the UK?