Complete motor mount / Motors / ESC set for Trampa e-MTB ok


I am working on a new version of the motor mount for my e-Mountainboard and I am selling my first prototype and also some motors and ESC.

I am selling a set that includes:

  • Motor mount set for Trampa Vertigo Trucks including 2 belts (you will just need 8xM4 40mm screws) + Motor protection (the belt protections were a draft and printed in lower quality and right side is missing a few materials on one side but it’s barely noticeable and there is no impact on the motor mount inegrity) (160 usd)
  • Esc enclosure: 35usd
  • 2 SK3 245kv motors (100 USD)
  • 2 Emax EZRun Max6 ESC already configurated (200 USD)

All is in perfect condition while being a bit dusty, except for the right belt protector. No scratches, traces of shocks …

Here are some pictures of what is included and a better view of the motor mount adaptor for Trampa Vertigo:

here are some pictures on the board

You can find more pictures and videos on

I enjoyed this setup so much! I am just moving to another design and some Focboxes but be sure I will be missing the amazing Emax braking noises :slight_smile:

I am asking 515 USD for the whole thing including shipping for CANADA. Extra 10 USD for US, then custom extra for rest of the world.

Will the mounts work on trampa ultimate trucks?

Most of motor mount are compatible with both so I would assume the shape is the same, only the material would be different

Will you part out the ESCs and Motors?

Yes I can sell everything separately

What size are the motors?

6364 / 245kv SK3

interested in the Esc enclosure, shipping to the UK?

should be around 20 usd

ah ok nevermind lol thats a killer

I am interested everything but the motors and escs/enclosure

So what are you specifically interested on ? Can you list the parts you would like ?

These parts

No problem Where do you live ?

Bellevue, Washington :us:

What is the gearing ratio for this?

I was using 68/15 but I am not selling the pulleys so it’s up to you :wink:

Perfect let me know if you are still interested

What’s the price considering they are missing pulleys? Basically just the motor mounts.

The price is indicated :wink: And the parts too… Pulleys are not part of the motor mount so they are not missing it :slight_smile: