[COMPLETED] I dont always e-skate, but when I do... Vugenhausen/83mm Flywheels/TB Pulley Kit/TB Mount/TB 6355 260KV/TB VESC/Zippy Lipo's/Flagship/Under Lights

This is going to be my final personal build for awhile. I have really thought about this one a lot, including what I did & didn’t like from previous builds.

I am not really a fan of Caliber trucks, I ran Paris and Independent trucks for a lot of years, and these just feel a loose to me even with the bushing caps screwed down as far they can go. That being said, there’s nothing better when it comes to motor mounts, so that’s what I got.

I’ve been working with cheap decks trying to see what I like, no skate shops within an hour of me. Over thanksgiving in Gatlinburg I went by Zummies and got try out a couple of Arbor decks…holy street face Batman, they are freeking awesome. So light and just flexy enough. I bought an Arbor Vugenhausen for this build because its really comfortable, love the flex and the slight concave and micro drop really adds to the control-ability.

I’ve actually purchased enough product from DIY Electric Skateboards (TB) and Miami Electric Boards to build another with the parts I all ready have, but I am saving them for my Ai13 (aluminum deck) build. More info to come on it when I get it back from the welder.

Lastly, I included EVERYTHING on this build log, including wire, connectors, balance splitter/extension…everything. I wanted people to see the factual cost of a build including shipping, incidentals & supplies. Some of the components I bought from individuals for less than the listed cost, but I plugged in the cost of purchase now to give an accurate picture of the total cost.

Anyways, the parts are listed below. Diagrams and pics forthcoming in a couple of days. Wish me luck :slight_smile:


Arbor Vugenhausen Longboard Deck - 37x9.75 $97.95 + $0.00

Caliber II Fifty 10 in/50 deg 184mm Trucks BLACK $39.95 + $0.00

Blank Pro 83mm BLACK Longboard Flywheels, ABEC 7 Bearing, Spacers $23.99 + $0.00

Pig Skateboard Risers 1/2" Black (Pair) $6.95 + $0.00


TB 36T ABEC Pulley Combo Kit - motor & wheel pulley, mounting h/w, belts $46.99 + $0.00

TB Single Bolt On Motor Mount Set BLACK $60.00 + $0.00


TB 6355 260KV ePower Motor $90.00 + $0.00

TB VESC BLDC Speed Controller $99.99 + $10.00

TB Male to Male Servo Connector (VESC supplies) $1.99 + $0.00

TB Sensor Wires (VESC supplies) $6.99 + $0.00

ZIPPY FlightMax 8000mAh 3S1P 30C LiPo Battery x2 $45.01 x2 + $10.93 S&H

4.4kW High Power Switch for the VESC (w/ Blue LED Toggle Button v0.1) $35.00 + $0.00

The Flagship enclosure $35.00 + $10.00

LCD Battery Voltmeter $5.99 + $2.00

HRD DC-DC Converter 24v-48V Step Down To 12V 3A Power Module $3.59 + $0.00

LED Under Body Rock Lights Ultra Bright Red $11.95 + $0.00

FlySky FS-GT2B 2.4GHz 3-Channel Transmitter $26.92 + $0.00

Master Cho GT2B Electric Skateboard Controller Enclosure $25.00 + $3.40


12 Gauge Silicone Wire 6 feet (3 ft Black, 3 ft Red) $6.98 + $0.00

5.5mm Gold Connectors 10 pairs $6.27 + $0.00

428 Pcs Red/Black Assorted Heat Shrink Tube 10 Sizes $11.57 + $0.00

XT-60 Male/Female Connectors with Heat Shrink - x10 pairs $8.99 + $0.00

XT90 Battery Connector Set for RC Lipo Battery Motor 6 Pairs $8.00 + $0.00

Screws & Open Back Screw Posts 1/4" Black Finish 10 Pk $8.47 + $0.00


Turnigy Accucell-6 50W 6A Balancer/Charger LiHV Capable (from korryh) $27.91 + $0.00

HobbyKing 105W 15V/7A Switching DC Power Supply $15.05 + $10.93

MEB Simple Charging Port Adaptor $11.99 + $8.00

6S to 2 3S Balance Wire Splitter Adapter $5.99 + $0.00

Components: $819.49 Shipping & Handling: $55.26 TOTAL: $874.75

EDIT 1: I changed my batteries as the ones listed before are dead as hell, so I ordered more. EDIT 2: I did away with the headlight, too big. I did away with the MT60’s, didn’t want to un-solder the 5.5mm connectors that were there that worked. EDIT 3: I got a bad Drok DC8, so I just used another that I had bought off ebay to test…

After the build… Holy crap this thing is beautiful.

The ride is so freeking lush, carves like a demon, perfect size deck, very strong motor, the VESC is a beautiful thing all on its own, it will easily do 20mph, starts from a dead stop, brakes are great, can’t accurately describe how great this board is.

The only thing its is lacking is the controller, and its not really bad, I just got spoiled with my kids benchwheel (what I was riding while I built this one) and that remote is just about unbeatable. Ill be swapping it out with a benchwheel remote when it gets here.

I was short some threaded inserts, going to pick some up tonight. Ill get the rest in and permanently mount the enclosure. I hate that @psychotiller isn’t making these anymore.

I am really digging the under-lights. Makes the entire thing look mean :). I also took apart a bike GoPro mount and put the top piece on the deck so I could mount my GoPro whenever I wanted to record a ride.

Here come the pics…


That’s $880.82 for those wondering. Also, I hate you for making me have to do that but there was no way I couldn’t once I wanted to know. I actually left this page and came back to it because it was driving me crazy. Well played sir. Well played.


LOL, I actually had the total in my build sheet, just forgot to paste it. Sorry 'bout that brutha.

Edit: I added Subtotals & Totals to the build log.

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Great job posting all the links with prices. I must admit I am slightly nervous to tally up all my Amazon/HobbyKing/eBay purchases. Those late night orders add up quick! :blush:

Some thoughts…

  • I really like the M60 3-pole connector, but I’m not sure the current rating is high enough for us. Some claim it’s only rated for ~35A

  • That MEB charging port adapter makes me nervous. I know you’re not running tons of current while charging, but I just don’t trust the VGA port for both charging and balancing. I’d prefer to split it into two connectors: VGA for balance wires only and XT-90 or XT-60 for main power leads. This also would only cost a few dollars, instead of $20 with shipping. But since they are selling it, I assume it must work!

  • Lastly ,I’d recommend 10AWG wire if you haven’t already purchased 12AWG

@jmasta On the MT60’s you might be right. I’ve never used them, but they look cool so I figured I’d give it a try. On the MEB VGA charging port, I have to say its awesome. This is my second one and the quality is great. he has the positive and negative leads spread across multiple pins, it will actually support a lot more current than the 4amps I use. I’ve already bought the 12awg silicon wire, but I dont use it for battery leads, I usually use copper for that. I don’t really like the silicon, but its really bendy so easy to fit in an enclosure.

I was somehow off by 2.55 which isn’t even an option on there so I must have copy pasted something weird into excel.

Lol you made a excel sheet. A+ for the effort. Well played.

Batteries are in, currently charging. As soon as that gets finished Ill program the VESC and give it a test drive.

FYI, LiPo’s are not LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate)

Examples of LiFePO4 are the cylindrical A123 cells found in Boosted Boards

Yeah, I had to change that out. The LiFePO4 batteries were DOA. I got 8000mAh 3s x2 as replacement. I changed it in the parts list, just not the title.

I got it out together enough to take a test ride through the warehouse. I was going 20mph before I new it. The acceleration is so smooth with the VESC and the Arbor deck is incredible. I’ll post pics tomorrow after I get some more threaded inserts and get the enclosure completely mounted.

All done, I updated the top post with pics and removed/replaced some of the items that I used in the build.

I edited this post to replace the images with non-zero values.

You should read the values before you make the screenshots. Because the values in the screenshots are empty.

And for the ppm signal it seems that pulse-width values are not correct. Just heck which values you get in the display window when you do a full throttle and full brake. You should try to get the pulse-width to 50% when the trigger is in idle and to get 100% when the trigger is nearly at full throttle and full brake. Mostly it’s a bit difficult because the difference between full throttle and full brake is mostly not the idle value. You can also try my firmware if you want to use all the trigger range in both directions because there you can adjust the center position.

I plead fatigue, 3 kids and a broke 3d printer makes for a long weekend :grin:. I’ll post more tomorrow. I’ll check out your firmware, I’m just scared of erroring out my VESC so I’m taking it slow.

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I updated the images with non-zero results. I would appreciate it if you take a look when you get time, just wnat to make sure I’m not doing anything stupid. I am running 6s2p (x2 ZIPPY FlightMax 8000mAh 3S1P 30C LiPo Battery) with a DIY Vesc and TB 260kv 6355 motor. Thanks again.

I would set the following the battery cutoff start to 21,6 (3,6 a cell) the battery cutoff end to 20,4 (3,4 a cell)

the integrator limit of 77 seems a bit strange. It could be correct but please do a motor detection again and then press the apply button and don’t change the values anymore. Because if motor detection found 77 then the apply button will enter 75 as integrator limit. So please save the 75 if that is the case.

And if you want more power in watt mode you can set the max watts to 1332 watts. Because (3,7V (volt of a cell under load) * 6S (cells in series) * 60A (batter my amps) = 1332 Watt)

And please check the minimum and maximu pulsewith if these are really the minimum and maximum values in that you can see in the display box when you fully brake and accelerate with the remote.

I don’t know about the integrator limit, that’s just what I got when I did the motor detection. Ill do it again and let you know. What would you expect to see?

I will set the max watts too, that was where I was confused.

The min and max pulse width are correct. I used the display to determine the MAX and MIN and set the values accordingly.

@Ackmaniac Here are the detection results, does something look incorrect?

Press the apply button after the motor detection and write the configuration. Correct values would be 80 and 750.