Components (especially ESC) for CHEAP scratch build esk8

Hi! So, I’m building a CHEAP esk8. Basically all I need is a motor, ESC, motor mount and pulleys. All the other electronics stuff I’m building from skratch including the remote control system, which I’ll be making arduino based. Now don’t freak out, I have experiance with that sort of stuff. I have experiance in rc drones and airplanes, so I know about motors, batteries and esc’s, but I don’t have experiance in esk8. So long story short I need a cheap ESC for the N5065 motor - which I’m planning to use. Iknow, I know. ‘‘BaNgGoOd? WhAt ArE yOu, PoOr?’’ Well… YES.:sweat_smile: I need to make It cheap. That’s why I’m making all the rest of the electronics myself. That and I just want to make them myself, but thats besides the point. So please don’t mock me, and If you can’t reccomend anything or give me some tips or something like that, I suggest you don’t reply at all. So yea, I know this topic is turnig out a little bit too long so this is the end. Basicaly i just need some info or recomendations about cheap ESC’S. Oh and also, I have lipos, but for my build(CHEAP), is It worth using two parallel 2800mah 3s LiPos? I also have one 2600mah LiPo so I can buy anotherone and put those in parallel and then this pack series to the otherone and make like a 2p6s pack.

Well banggood is not bad at all… it is a good resource for various parts, most of the time way easier to find parts there than on aliexpress, for example…

Personally I would suggest this esc made by chinese.

Link here:

Though, to be honest 60 usd is not far from 120-130 usd… so better investment would be vesc…

Then again, for vesc u would need to buy remote as well

Recommending that esc as it comes on newer type chinese mountainboards.

What I really liked it about it, that it is powerful enough for general cruising and that the remote gives options to change speed/brake settings from remote directly… That is somewhat good feature, especially if other people get to ride or test your board…

Not that it wouldnt be possible from vesc using bluetooth module and phone app… but just the simplicity of the newer model escs/remote combos they offer.

Just read your text more carefully…

Well considering batteries, serial is better… U want at least 6s voltage for decent speed.

320 kv should give plenty of speed.

Search banggood a bit more they have rather ok mechanical kits as well.

Considering remote… I think on vesc it would be easier to make the remote work.

Im not sure how to mod the chinese controller but the remote is usually integrated.

So unless u know how to use oscilosscope or really hack into the controller, I guess it would be not as direct as when using vesc and just connecting to the right terminals.

It might be possible the remote’s receiver is exposed on the pcb, then it might be simpler, but if im not mistaken on some models the antenna part is integrated on pcb, so u would need to hack off some traces and place wires directly on pcb, I suppose.

Thanks for your efferot to help! So For the ESC I will look more into the Vesc, but in terms of price right now I’m thinking about rc car ESC’s considering I won’t need the remote. What is your opinion/recommendations on rc car ESC’s?

Oh, and do you think 2800mah is going to be enough?

Well, I meant if u have 2x 3s batteries, dont connect in parallel but in serial, so that voltage gets summed not the capacity.

Also about the controller.

Better get esk8 controller. RC controllers have bad brakes, especially that was my experience with FVT 120A model, it might work better on longboard wheels than it did on mountainboard but usually the brakes are too abrupt and sudden, not as gradual as needed.

OK, I understood you about the batteries. I have 2 of them. And also about the controller. I am not planning to use an rc controller, but an arduino system. Like a NodeMCU in the board with wifi capabilities so I can program it from the phone and the remote itself that consists of an arduino nano that’s communicating to the board via 433mhz link. The receiver in the board. Also some extra features to the remote and the NODEMCU which is in the board is also capable of extra features. In the future I plan on adding some extra drive modes and soft start… Things like that. That’s why I want to make the board cheap, because I have all the other stuff for the remote system.

Well, if u are crafty I would advise u to look into Vesc made by @shaman.

I believe he is more active with his topic on the other forum.

Basically, from what I understood, u will be able to get partially assembled vesc for cheap…

Use the vesc platform, it will pay off in the future.

Related to that esc I gave link to.

Here u can see how the remote receiver part is on the pcb…

Thanks for the great info!

If u dont want to assemble yourself,

Flipsky escs are the ones if u are low on budget. (actually cost now the same as that other esc, minus the remote, which u dont need)

You can go to their homepage directly as that vesc is somewhat outdated but should work reasonably well…

Would get FS ESC mini or just single one, just improved 4.2 version

OK, thanks!

In general, check their shipping cost. Would get 4.2 version over 4.12 one for sure.

There might be some minor issues, like wrong voltage readings on these when connected to telemetry but otherwise I think they seem to work ok.

Been using 4.2 dual flipsky one for some time now, havent had any major faults or problems with it so far.