Composite touch-up / repairing

so yaaaaa i did this…

what materials do i need to clean up these deep gouges that i did to my board… I would like to fill with color, and then put a coating and laminate layer on top… i just need a little help selecting the materials and dont have access to a polisher right now, but would like to do give it a shot. i understand the carbon look is lost, but still want to proceed, in making this look better. thanks =)

@Cobber watchu think dawg?

Loctite and baking soda. Sand it down afterwards

you should be able to just sand it down a bit to clean it up and then put an epoxy resin on.

oh, I just realised that it isn’t full carbon, but carbon laminate over fibreglass… (no wonder they can make these boards cheaper than the cost of materials) in that case you can put a small piece of carbon fibre down, epoxy, and then sand and epoxy again. it should come out almost as good as new.

can you link me to what epoxy i should use… also what grain sandpaper should i use to clean it up…want to start getting an idea of what stuff i need when i go to the hardware store…

Start with 180 grid and work your way up to 400 or even 800. Afterwards you should be able to polish it.

Be careful with the dust, as it isn’t the healthiest of things to breath in.

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