Configuration and telemetry for VESC [iOS, Android]

Rearrange your data!


• Voltage • Current and motor current • Speed and GPS speed • Distance • Temperature • Watt hours, amp hours + regen • RPM, tacho and absolute tacho • Duty cycle

Record sessions!

The most beautiful part is a responsive web chart Check this out -

This forum supports “oneboxing”. When you post a youtube or twitter url, it turns into a preview. implements oneboxing. This link turns into live interactive record! like this

When you share your ride others can inspect voltage, current, etc. in any point of time and sharing is as simple as inserting url into your post.

Oh, there’s also a dark theme :dark_sunglasses:

Other features include:

• Apple Watch and Android Wear support • Portrait and landscape orientation • Automatic reconnect after signal is lost • Option to disable GPS location • Sort records by date, duration, distance, Wh

I also made the app to change VESC settings. Meet perimetr

Full disclosure:

I’ve spent a lot of time and energy designing and implementing the apps including the web part. I’ve thought carefully about the business model and how to make the apps future-proof💰. I decided to make the apps free and earn money by selling the bluetooth modules. Thats why I’ve built some protection that only allows apps to work with my modules. Other modules most likely won’t work. This also helps me to provide best user experience and ease of use. The modules I sell are no soldering required™ pre-configured© plug and play® solution.

You can buy bluetooth modules here The price of the module is $23.95 :dollar: :dollar: Priority shipping with tracking to all destinations is $10 :dollar: Modules are shipped from Stockholm, Sweden :sweden:


I will try to provide best customer service and user experience for my apps. I have a lot of ideas but I will focus on the things the community needs first. Please let me know which new features would you like to see.


so THAT’s how you change the size of the GUI blocks. I had the hardest time trying to adjust it haha.

This is some real dedication! I’ll buy one for sure, once completed my build :smiley:

Great. I’m buying one shortly, and thank you for making it available for Android.

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This is some next-level shit right here. I will be buying one.

Feature request: Simple Android Wear integration. I’d like to see my speed and juice stats on an Android Wear watch face, similar to Strava but with power information as well.

I may or may not strap that watch face to my mini remote in place of the non-functional trackwheel. :wink:


@rpasichnyk are you going to open source this project so the community can build on it or keep the code hidden from the community?

May i ask what bluetooth module it uses? HM10 or HC05? Will they work? Thanks

Very good. I will put Android Wear and watchOS on my TODO list.

I will not opensource this project at least for now. Because if I do @lox897 will most likely buy HM10 or HM05 on ebay.

Thanks to everyone who purchased the modules! First batch is shipping tomorrow!

@lox897 Didn’t mean to steal your app and use it with a cheaper module. I already have a HM-10 for Jacob’s app and a HC-05 for solarturtle on android. But if there is protection, then that kind of goes against the open-source DIY community. I was going to donate, but it doesn’t matter.

Thank you, but my business model is not based on donations. You are welcome to buy a module and enjoy all features of my apps. Not every product in this community is open-source. And being open-source does not make any product awesome out of the box. Look at Jacob’s app. It doesn’t even work.


How doesn’t it work? You just have to use a HM-10 module? Anyway, it doesn’t matter about your app.

@lox897 This guy made a kickass app and deserves compensation. If you want it fork over the very fair 20 dollars. It’s his choice to open source it or not, people don’t do things for free.

@rpasichnyk From one programmer to another, I applaud your work this is extremely clean. I also vote for an android watch interface, I’ll be buying one of these as soon as the new vescs come out, please stick around until then!!!


He did say this:

This forum is built on opensourceness. We share, and build together, learning from each others mistakes, and sharing our work. The vesc is especially opensource. I’m not sure, but you may be require by law to disclose the source, since you have to utilize and interact with the vesc code. Even if you have one line of the vescs code in your app, you are legally required to release the source code, due to the licensing of the vesc.

@rpasichnyk I’ve been in this market for tha last month and a half, and I realized, there just isn’t a lot of money here. You can keep it closed, but you won’t necessarily make more than if you opensourced it. As it is, your making something like $10 per module (which is the same markup I have on mine). So far, I’ve made more off of donations than through the module sales, and I expect it will be that way moving forward. There’s a lot of programmers on this forum that would like to add their own features, that are happy to donate money for your time. Some already have the correct module, and don’t need another module. Those people may be willing to donate way more than $10.

It’s your choice to do what you want, but if profit is your first priority, I’ve learned that this community doesn’t particularly support that model. We are a more opensource community, and I can’t believe the generosity of those who donate to open source projects on here.


I applaud his work as well. But why can’t I donate $25 and save $10 to ship across the world? Then just use a cheap module and his app. Win win for both of us?


Because he made this and said that’s not what he wants to do, that’s why.

@evoheyax go look at the software has no license stated, only the hardware is licensed under the creative commons. He isnt required to do anything. AND even if it was under the cc license he would only be required to release the modified vesc firmware not the source to his app or the Bluetooth hardware schematic.

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I’d like to know his opinion thanks

This looks amazing. Nice job.

I am sorry for inaccurate information. Jacob’s app is not open-source.

I am very careful when it comes to licensing. I did not use Benjamin’s code because it’s GPL. I build on top of the platform. VESC command protocol is open. Think about it like writing apps for Android. Android is open-source but it doesn’t mean all apps that run on Android should be open-source.

VESC is the future. Everyone’s buying VESC. China joined the party. VESC-X comes out. VESC 6 is coming (hopefully) soon. The market is big already and people need apps.

@evoheyax you did amazing job and even more important you gave me very good motivation. I hope you now have more motivation too! Community will benefit both from your efforts and mine. Competition is always good.


This is true. I’m working on a video overlay feature right now, as you’ve given me no choice but to punch the the gas pedal to to the floor, haha.

I have been on the fence about using gps data. It can sometimes be inaccurate, especially gps speed data. This is why I calculate speed data based on the vesc erpm instead of using GPS data. I was planning to eventually incorporate some kind of gps data mapping, but you did a very good job with it, so I’m speechless there as where to head in that dirrection.

One other thing. You have an current data point, but is that battery or motor? Both can be very important.

It’s true. My point is that a lot of people won’t want or use bluetooth modules. A lot of the community is about the necessities and bluetooth is a luxury. @hummie for example has had my module for over a month and hasn’t really used it much at all. Even as much as I love it, I find my self not using it way more than I do. I think theres a lot that will buy them, but I think the number will be less than n25% of those who buy vescs.

Oh, and another question, do you get data from multiple vescs or only from one? There’s a command in the vesc command file for getting data from slave vescs.

So… can I save XML and load whatever board I am using with this. If so I can make the battery and VESC in one enclosure and just swap between hub board or satellite board - AWESOME!!!