Confirm battery specs

Without causing an internet sparring match what if any way to confirm custom battery is as promised. To be specific I need to validate specifications, quality and condition

What is your question?

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I would say drive it. Maybe with some kind of app that logs and shows data.
That’s how I found out my hobbyking lipos are not up to specs concerning discharge rating

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Discharge through a charger that keeps track of the Ah drawn, then you can calculate how healthy it is by knowing the cells specification.

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Basically I purchased a custom battery from someone on this forum. The seller has been nothing short of deceptive since receiving payment. The battery is now sitting in UPS lock down until Monday thanks to miserly shipping option he chose. Anyway long story short I don’t trust him or the product and I am curious how to make sure I recieved what I paid for

Who did you buy from?!?

I’m open guys it’s battery I made for him and he can feel free to post our conversation here, he was given undivided 24hr attention and his battery was shipped within the original 2 week period I originally told him. Everything from then on out was just him being indecisive anyways his product was tested before shipping and works great I have the videos to prove it, whatever he does from then on out is on him. I have zero complaints from my other customers but Nothing seems to be enough for him so he can take his buisness elsewhere

Let’s do this will. I’ll post our entire transaction start to finish. Indecisive!? :joy: That’s laughable. You basically tried to fast talk me and rip me off.

According to Will this is a new Carvon V2.5s

No that is a rewound v2 these are the new ones and the actual photos I sent you

You were not sold these motors and got your refund because I had not already shipped the item

Show the ones before to please sire, u did not understand what rewound so I said 2.5s because that’s what they are the exact same kv and motor

Coming right up. The image you just posted were what you supposedly had sold out from underneath you.

Doesn’t seem fishy to me @Jayallday


To me it looks like he told you exactly what he was selling you, and you now have that product in your hand

That’s because it’s not if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be right here he just didn’t understand

I freaking Tipped the guy $25 just for answering some questions about diy and finding these carvons. I paid the goods and services fee as well. So Will don’t try to play victim here. You’re a sheister. Change your name to Will take industry ya chicken hawk