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Confirmation needed|30" cruiserboard|6s2p|dual hub|vesc

Hi,starting my first build soon . I have been lurking and doing some research for days now and have compiled my parts list. I was wondering if someone could double check me on these, and is this all that I need or are there missing parts. I’m trying to make my board as portable as it can get. The speed I’m trying to reach would be 18-20km/h (or more).

I have an old 30"unbranded cruiserboard and I plan to use that.
diy 6s2p empower pack or this (what do you think about this battery?)
dual hub motors (jacobs)
2 DIY vescs
Kama Nunchuck(?) - would love to use the gt2b but I have no access to 3d printer for the mods

And that’s it I think.
Anything that I am missing out or any contradicting parts?

Would like to cut down on cost too if possible

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nice tip i’ll give you. if it is on aliexpress and has Chinese on it, best not to touch it.


Ok thanks for the tip!

Went to search for another source
Heres what I found

I heard people in this forum have been using this website too and is reliable
Just wanted to check if the specs is ok with my build


That battery only has a max discharge current of 7 amps. An eboard needs at least 30-40amps depending where you ride.

Oh ok guess I’ll stick with diy’s battery then

:cry: too low…

Yeah was told earlier
Guess I’ll stick with yours then!

or these:

I think you want to use 8S,10S,12S.

I think your 6S is going to be too little power and top speed is going to be like 15mph.

Jacob’s motors are 70KV which are typically used for 10S-12S voltage otherwise they will be too slow.

8S should get you 20mph.
10S should get 25mph.

Ive found this instead

I’ve been reading and decided that I’m gonna get 2 of these to get 10s (based on @torqueboard info) and mod it slim.

And since its lipo I have to use a different charger,

I plan to put bms too as I like to plug n charge

Do you think it will work?

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Looks good! You will need some wires for a charging port and also the charging port.

Where do you recommend I get those charging ports?

If you want to keep it simple you could just use an xt60 connector from ebay or hobbyking. Just strip the end of the wire of your charger near the dc plug and solder the positive and negative to an xt60. If you wanted it to be smaller you could use an XLR or a dc/barrel plug.

Here’s a link to some dc connectors:

Alright! Thanks for the help, really appreciate it !

No problem. GL with your build.

Batterysupports delivers the charging ports with their chargers.

I didn’t check the link. Some of their chargers don’t come with the port. The 2amp one doesn’t I don’t think.

Maybe i just had luck.
i ordered 5 different for now and they all came with it.
So i thought it is standard.

Cool. I didn’t see it on their 2 amp charger page. Thanks for letting me know!