Confirming vesc setting for 6s

I am running a 6374 230kv motor, 2x 6s 5000mah batteries in parallel for a total of 6s 10000mah. I just got a vesc and wanted some opinions on vesc setup. Here is what I got so far.

Motor max: 80a Motor min(regen): -30a Batt max: 50a Battery min(regen): -6a

Are these good settings? I just don’t want to fry anything.

I would see how that goes, however I would suggest settings such as :

Motor max: 60a Motor min(regen): -50a Batt max: 45a Battery min(regen): -5a

Battery cutoff start: 22v Battery cutoff end: 21v

…or something along those lines

Ok thank you so much I will give it a try!

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I’m not sure what is happening but on higher speed the motor cuts out for some reason? It doesn’t apply brakes it just cutts out. What could be the reason?

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I have the same problem

it might be cuz of the regeneration amp is too little.

i have the same problem in one of my motors i will see if i can fix it

If you motor is cutting out, it could be your cells sagging below the cuttoff voltage…

if you want to keep it from sagging, lower your battery max to a point that it doesn’t sag. ie

Lets take lipos for example

Lipos are rated in C ratings. so if your Lipo has a 10C discharge rating, You would multiply your total capacity times the C count. IE 10aH of capacity X 10 = 100amps of constant current capability - don’t set it this high as its higher then the VESC can handle…but you get my point

If you are using Li-ions, and the cells have lets say at 20Amp constant current discharge, you have 2X 20Amp constant current series packs in parallel, your max continuous would be 40amps.

Throw up some more info on your battery and we can determine what your Battery max should be(in constant current numbers). I don’t suggest setting your battery max higher then the constant current capabilities. As well if you are dual motor you will need to divide this constant current capability between two vesc’s… ie if your battery max CC is 40amps, each vesc would have 20amps set as the battery max.