Confused torque board caliber clamp

so i bought the torque boards 218mm trucks diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torqueboards-218mm-trucks/ with 90mm EPOWER Flywheels BLACK diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/90mm-longboard-epower-flywheels/ and there is a huge gap between them both is this normal am new to the whole skateboard scene also i think i mest up by buying the wrong motor mounts Single Bolt On Motor Mount Set ONLY (Black) diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-only/ can someone correct me if am wrong please am so lost and confused

<img v1 caliber clamp

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need drive pulley for wheel, and motor pulley for other half. might need spacers i dont know havent finished building mine yet. look at the build pics and see if u can match the parts… the mounts say they do both motor sizes.

no i understand that the picture shown is of the front trucks how to i accommodate for space ? also i my motor mount was for 63mm motor but it doesn’t fit the trucks does that mean i mest up and have to buy the v4 torque boards motor mount along with the v4 clamp?

as u can see it fits just the beginning and then after that it wont go at all i can push and might barely get it in but i am scraping the metal and paint off

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You need a bigger clamp for the 218mm trucks, they should have probably mentioned that when you placed the order.

You need the latest verions of their clamp, the 218 trucks are 1mm thicker than calibers.

You could just file the mount a bit.

I have the same trucks and mounts. Check out how I made them fit. You square off the bottom of the hanger removing the bump that runs down the middle of the hanger and they fit very nicely. Don’t enlarge the clamp, it’s already big enough.

CORRECTION I just checked the bag and realize I got V1 Caliber clamps not V4. LoL Still same as you have. The bottom of the hanger of my 218mm trucks are slightly rounded so I chose to flatten the bottom of the truck hangers rather than modify the clamp which is flat and square. I believe modifying the hanger makes for a better fit. Once I modified the hanger, the clamps slide right on. Look at the photos below, you’ll see what I mean.

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@Exiledd_Top As others have mentioned already. It’s also listed in the 218mm Truck description. If you ordered them “together” we typically provide you with the “correct” clamp that will fit but if you didn’t. You got the standard clamps for regular caliber trucks.

The truck profile is similar to Caliber but slightly bigger by 1mm. Old TorqueBoards Truck Clamps will not fit. Contact us for clarification.

  1. Dremmel 1mm gap on the truck clamp (bottom) or the truck (I prefer clamp).
  2. Send them back if they are in original condition and we’ll send you clamps that will fit 218mm. Contact our support team help@
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your trucks are on the wrong way, the poly urethane bushing has to face outwards


I did other them together and I did contact your customer support I sent it back @torqueboards

Yeah I did that mistake lol but I fixed it a noobie sorry ty though

@Exiledd_Top Please email me then dexter@. We’ll get it all fixed for you.

What I meant was that I talked to your customer support and they were very cooperative and helped me fix the issue ,I was just stating that I did order them together

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