Connect two vesc without can bus cable?

Does anyone know if you can connect two vesc’s without the can bus cable?

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well, I did this with mine and one ESC fried I was reading somewhere and it says you have to remove one of the three wires that go to your receiver on one ESC to make one esc a master and the other a slave?

vesc I should say 4.2 flipsky mini to be specific

What remote? Some remotes allow you to use two receivers.

You can also use one VESC to output PWM to the other VESC, if you are using a UART remote, but it’s not straightforward how to do so.

The easiest way is to use “Split PWM (PPM)” and just connect Gnd, +5V, and Signal to one ESC and connect only Signal to the second ESC, leave Gnd and +5V disconnected.

it’s just a van pro one off amazon, I think i’m using ppm and uart right now so I would switch to ppm and remove the 5v and ground from one esc and have the other three along with the other one left?

@braydengast If you want to connect CAN. Only connect the middle two CANH & CANL to the other device, this allows the two units to talk to each other without risk of damage

Connecting GND together will cause issues while running (due to ground loop) - Only do this if you are running each VESC from separate batteries.

Connecting 5V together will cause failure (due to magic smoke escaping), never do this

whats CANH and CANL I did just solder all three wires together and plugged it into the receiver and it did work (for a while) then i had it apart and was doing some tests and she smoked but the other ESC is just fine

Are you using CAN or splitting the PPM?

It probably was not the control signal or the CAN that caused the failure, more likely some live metal came into contact with something else and damaged one of the MOSFETS.

Here is a picture of a ‘mini 4.2’ as you said you have, The connecter shows ‘-’(GND), CANL, CANH, 5V.

The 5V should not be connected to the other VESC. On my setup I did not connect the ‘-’ either, as this can cause ‘ground loops’, CAN only needs two wires to work.

no i’m trying to connect the two esc’s without the can bus cable. just the ppm wires, so I just remove the 5v and it should work the same as a can bus cable?

If the VESC normally powers the receiver, then it would look like this.

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ok, thanks for the help dude didn’t wanna burn up another ESC, being a new one just arrived.