Connecting Focbox Unity in Raptor 2.1 to other eskate apps


So the current Focbox unity app is pretty average, it tells you some information but it misses out on a lot of valuable information like top speed reached, average speed, wh consumed, max power used, etc. Basically only tells you battery voltage and current speed.

So I was curious to see if there was any possible way to connect the Unity to an e-skate app like Ackmainiac’s ESC Monitor, as it is simply better.

Anyone done this yet? is it even possible?

Get a metr module

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no possible way to do it with the current bluetooth chip?

You can try xmatic or eskate vesc app. Might work as well. Don’t have a unity, so can’t say for sure. Metr works, they even have a special bt modul for the unity, that’s why I said that.

ohh right, if I try with these other apps, do I change the baud rate to anything?

9600 usually

Old school way works. All you need is a bluetooth module.

I use my unity with the xmatic app. Leabe BAUD rate as is in the stock settings. 115200 I believe or something like that… but other wise yes, buy a metr pro. Thats what I have on other builds and it’s the most legit module out there for stats and VESC settings and what not.

can you please give a little more detail on the xmatic app?


@Ackmaniac hey dude, thanks for the primo fw and app, is there any way to fun the fw on unity and connect the Android app to the unity? I’ve been searching for “ackmaniac app unity” but I’m seemingly to blind to find the answer. Apologies if its here already. Thanks :slight_smile: