Connecting Motor With Sensor to VESC-X Questions

I’m trying to connect my 5065 motors with sensors to my VESC-X’s. From what I understand, if you run it sensorless, then the 3 phase wires don’t matter so much as long as the motor spins the proper way. If you don’t wire up the phase wires properly, along with the sensor wires, you can screw something up.


Does anybody know if the colored wires from these motors are standard as far as phasing and hall effect sensors go? Also, the Enertion VESC-X has the three phase wires that are unlabeled, AND they have a 6 pin connector for the sensored motors, but it seems that most of our motors have 5 pins. The schematic from the motor is labeled: Pos (red wire), U (yellow wire), V (white wire), W (blue wire) and Neg (white wire). The pins on the VESC-X are labeled 5V, H1, H2, H3, T and GND. From the little bit of research I’ve found, U,V,W are the European equivalent of H1,H2,H3. Can anybody confirm that?


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Enertion VESC-X sensor connector:

Motor Schematic:

The small bit of info I found on hall sensor wires:

This is relevant, no one did this type of connection? I also have the same kind of question, how to turn the Racestar 5-pin JST six of VESC?

I’m having the same issue…what plug\adaptor did you end up using?