Connecting sensor wires from OM5065 to Vesc *Solved*

I have Chaka’s 170 KV motor (the OM5065) and a Vesc also from him. I want to try running it with the sensors connected but the motor has 5 sensor wires and the Vesc sensor port has a 6 pin female jst connector. I have a 6 pin male jst connector to solder onto the motor wires, I just don’t know what order the wires go in.

Sensor wires coming from motor:

Thanks in advance!

Check out my build log post

Perfect this is what I’ve been looking for. Thank You

I have the connectors on order, I’ll have a plug and play adapter soon. I’ll make an announcement when they are available in our shop.

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Any update on these adapters? Or do you just have the headers available?