Connecting two xt-90 male ends

I’m working on my first build and have discovered that both my VESC (TB 4.12) and battery (10S3P with solid state on/off switched attached) have XT-90 male ends on them. What is the preferred way to connect these two ends? -cut off xt-90 male on VESC and resolder a female end? -solder two xt-90 female ends together back-to-back to create an adapter that will allow me to connect these two? -some other solution that I’m not thinking of? Here’s a photo of my setup:

Just cut off one connector and resolder, cut off the VESC connector and not the battery, if you switch the battery connector make sure not to short it

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solder a male some thing with a male plug on 1 side, and a female on the other (a converter)

Why have 4 connectors when you can have 2? :joy:

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true… 10chars

Wow who gave you a battery with male connector? Dat shit is pretty easy to accidentally short.


I bought it from Now that you mention it I think it WAS a mistake. The photos of their product show female ends: