Connecting vesc to computer through bluetooth

So I connected bluetooth to the vesc. Everything is working 100%. but I would like to program the vesc through the bluetooth module on my computer. I tried using the apps and they didn’t work 100%, so how would I connect the bluetooth module to the computer

I connected via bluetooth and it is paired, but nothing is showing up in bldc tool.

Did any of the apps work? If none worked, than you probably need to change the UART baud rate on the VESC.

@rpn314 I did change the rate, it works and I can use it to see voltage speed etc, but I can’t write to the vesc

Did you found out how to do it?

Well the app with their own Bluetooth module allows you to edit some setting not all. Never figured it out fully tho.

I was able to connect to mine to the ESC Tool with an HM-10 module via Ackmaniacs firmware and Tool. Was able to read settings but wasn’t able to get written configs to stick. Probably could fix with a little troubleshooting but haven’t picked it back up to try since